Goran Peskir

Professor of Probability (Chair)

Department of Mathematics Office:Alan Turing Building 2.240
The University of Manchester Phone:+44 (0)161 306 3215
Oxford Road Fax:+44 (0)161 306 3220
Manchester Mobile:+44 (0)776 662 6989
M13 9PL E-mail: goran@maths.man.ac.uk
United Kingdom Web: homepage

  • I am constantly looking for talented research students (do not hesitate to contact me).

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  • Symposium on Optimal Stopping (Houston 25-29 June 2018)
  • Workshop on Optimal Stopping/Control and Finance (Warwick 16-20 July 2012)
  • Symposium on Optimal Stopping with Applications (Abo/Turku 23-26 June 2009)
  • School & Symposium on Optimal Stopping with Applications (Manchester 17-27 January 2006)