Information for MATH 45061: Continuum Mechanics

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Course Description (Outline)

This course unit gives an introduction to the theory of continuum mechanics from a mathematical viewpoint. In continuum mechanics, matter is represented by average quantities defined in a continuous region of space, rather than as discrete particles. The field is enormous and encompasses the study of fluids, solids, powders, plasmas and almost everything in between. The subject is developed from first principles, but you will be expected to have a certain level of mathematical maturity.


First coursework assignment
Deadline: Wednesday 17th October 2018 at 1:00pm.       Feedback on first coursework

Second coursework assignment
Deadline: Friday 30th November 2018 at 2:00pm.       Feedback on second coursework

Lecture Notes

Examples Sheets and Solutions

Past Exam Papers

The exam will consist of two sections, A and B. In section A, you must answer all questions, worth 21 marks in total. In section B, you must answer three of the four questions; each question is worth 18 marks. The exam is three hours long and you should expect to spend (roughly) one hour on section A and two hours on section B (40 minutes per question). The formula sheet provided in the examination is given here.

The following guidance was given in the first year of the course, and it's still here just in case you want more exam-like questions: a typical exam might consist of the following example sheet questions.

Section A

Section B

Reading List

It is not necessary to buy any books. Your lecture notes will be completely sufficient. That said, you may find the alternative perspectives in books helpful. If you are interested, have a look in the library in the continuum mechanics section. Particular favourites of mine are:

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