Mike Prest
Publications and preprints

Conference in celebration of the work of Bill Crawley-Boevey, 1-10th September 2021


Model Theory and Modules, London Mathematical Society Lecture Notes Series Vol. 130, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1988 (400pp).

(with J. Humphreys) Numbers, Groups and Codes, Cambridge University Press, 1989 (288pp). A second, considerably revised edition was published in 2004 An extensive list of corrections is on this webpage.

Purity, Spectra and Localisation, Encyclopedia of Mathematics and its Applications, Vol. 121, Cambridge University Press, 2009 (xxviii+769pp).
Typos, corrections and comments

Papers: published and in press

Links are to drafts of papers which, in some cases, may differ somewhat from the published version.

1. Some model-theoretic aspects of torsion theories, J. Pure Applied Algebra, 12(3) (1978), 295-310.

2. Torsion and universal Horn classes of modules, J. London Math. Soc., 19(3) (1979), 411-416.

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82. (with A. Slavik) Purity in categories of sheaves, Math. Zeit., 297(1-2) (2021), 429-451. DOI:10.1007/s00209-020-02517-5 on arXiv

Papers: submitted and preprints

The Zariski spectrum of the category of finitely presented modules, preprint, 1998, revised 2004, 2006 and 2008. .pdf

(with A. Ralph) Locally finitely presented categories of sheaves of modules. .ps, now split into a shortened paper (revised 21/09/18) of the same title .pdf and On sheafification of modules, .pdf, an exposition of some background.

(with R. Rajani) Positive imaginaries and coherent affine functors .pdf

Abelian categories and definable additive categories on arXiv

Categories of imaginaries for definable additive categories on arXiv

Spectra of small abelian categories on arXiv

Strictly atomic modules in definable categories on arXiv

Notes of Seminars, Lecture Series, Conferences etc.

Notes on Model Theory; notes from lectures on intermediate model theory from the MODNET Summer School held at Leeds, December 2005.

Spectra of Categories of Modules

Sheaves of Rings of Definable Scalars ; Conference in honour of Helmut Lenzing, Paderborn, 2006

Model Theory in Additive Categories; Model Theory conference, Seoul, 2010

Categories of Imaginaries for Additive Structures

The Functor Category Notes for lectures given at the conference in Bristol on Categorical Methods in Representation Theory, September 2012.

Summer School and Workshop on Infinite-dimensional Representations of Finite-dimensional Algebras, Manchester, September 2015

Model Theory and Modules Graduate course, Granada, November 2015

Model-theoretic Imaginaries and Localisation for Additive Categories; Topos Theory conference, IHES, Paris, 2015

The Compactness Theorem, Notes and Beamer slides, London Mathematical Society Undergraduate Summer School, Manchester 2017.

Model Theory, Notes for an undergraduate course in model theory.

Conference in memory of Gena Puninski, Manchester, 6-9th April, 2018.

Definability in Module Theory, Isfahan School and Conference on Representations of Algebras, Isfahan, April 2019.

Recent Postdoctoral Researchers

Lorna Gregory
David Pauksztello
Rosanna Laking

PhD Students

Sarah Mattingly: On the Structure of Modules of Finite Rank (1994)

Kevin Burke: Some Model-theoretic Properties of Functor Categories for Modules (1994)

Robert Combley: Ordering the Formulae of a Stable Theory by Representability (1995)

Shahabaddin Ebrahimi Atani On Indecomposable Pure-Injective Modules over Pullback Rings (1996)

Geert Reynders: Ziegler Spectra over Serial Rings and Coalgebras (1998) .ps

Nicolas Granger: Stability, Simplicity and the Model Theory of Bilinear Forms (1999) .ps

Alexandra Ralph: An Approach to the Model Theory of Sheaves of Modules (2001)

Ravi Rajani: Model-Theoretic Imaginaries and Ziegler Spectra in General Categories (2007) .ps

Richard Harland: Pure-injective Modules over Tubular Algebras and String Algebras (2011).pdf

Lorna Gregory: Ziegler Spectra of Valuation Rings (2011).pdf

Simon Perera: Grothendieck Rings of Theories of Modules (2011).pdf

Philip Bridge: Essentially Algebraic Theories and Localizations in Toposes and Abelian Categories (2012) .pdf

Akeel Ramadan Mehdi: Purity Relative to Classes of Finitely Presented Modules (2013) .pdf

Amit Kuber: K-Theory of Theories of Modules and Algebraic Varieties (2014) .pdf

Rosanna Laking: String Algebras in Representation Theory (2016) .pdf

Samuel Dean: Dualities and Finitely Presented Functors (2017) .pdf

Michael Bushell: Ziegler Spectra for Self-Injective Algebras of Polynomial Growth (2018) .pdf

Harry Gulliver: The Injective Spectrum of a Right Noetherian Ring (2019) .pdf

Isaac Bird: Definable Subcategories of Maximal Cohen-Macaulay Modules (2019) .pdf

Zoe Gosling (co-supervised with Prof. Daniela Caselli): Mathematics and Modernism (2020)

Rose Wagstaffe: Definability in Monoidal Additive and Tensor Triangulated Categories (2021) .pdf

Soinbhe McDonagh

MSc and MPhil Students' Dissertations

Nicholas Mosley: The Problem of Quantifier-Elimination for the Real Number Field with Exponential Function (1989)

John Smith: On Connections between Category Theory and Logic (1994)

Tristram de Piro: The Model Theory of Lie Algebras (1996)

Alexandra Ralph: An Approach to the Model Theory of Sheaves (1996)

Cecily Crampin: Models as Functors for T^{eq} (1997)

Timothy Mellor: Elimination of Quantifiers for Modules over the Path Algebra \tilde{A_1}(k) (1997)

Julie Fowler: Induction, Restriction and Elementary equivalence (1998)

James Gray: On Definable Sets over Finite Fields (1998)

Owain Derrick: Model Theory of Pseudofinite Fields (1999)

Ralph Sherrington: Quantum Computation (2001)

Martin Carpenter: Model Theory and Grothendieck Topologies (2001)

Owen Jones: Elimination of Quantifiers for Modules (2001)

Mahmood Sohrabi: Localization in Abelian and Accessible Categories (2002)

Jonathan Roberts: Model Theory of Fields (2005)

Ray-Ming Chen: O-Minimality (2006)

John Bourke: Interpretations and Automorphism Groups (2006)

David Crowther: Grothendieck Rings of Theories (2006)

Victoria Fellows: Set Theory (2006)

Andrew Bannatyne: The Whitehead Problem (2006)

François Wirion: Presenting Theories in Category Theory (2008)

Vladimir Lukiyanov: Well Generated Triangulated Categories (2010)

Vladimir Lukiyanov: Endofinite Modules (MPhil) (2011)

Connor Ford: Indecomposable Pure-Injective Modules over String Algebras (2018)

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