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Research activities

As erosion in many parts of the oceans is limited compared with runoff-driven erosion on continents, the ocean floor's topography retains useful information on the geological processes that have shaped it. My work has therefore largely focused on topographic and other data collected with various kinds of sonars. After a start studying oceanic triple junctions for my doctorate, my research has expanded to include aspects of faulting, volcanism, sedimentary and palaeoceanographic processes in a range of geological and geographical environments, as well as technical aspects of sonar. Erosion can be locally significant in some areas too, illustrated by large-scale landsliding of volcanic islands and the development of canyons in continental slopes. Research approaches taken include both interpreting new field data and numerical/analytical modelling.

I welcome enquiries from funded students concerning PhD projects and collaboration based on any area of my research interests. The following links to one example: Nash Sands banner sand bank MSc/PhD project

Thanks to the pupils of St Bede's College Prep School Manchester for sending me this nice card!

Slides of work at sea.

Stiles of Earth's mantle (Lizard serpentinite).

Submarine salt flows

Slope geomorphological modelling

Submarine conyon geomorphology

Submersible dive observations

Mid-ocean ridges and oceanic triple junctions

Sedimentation on young seafloor

Equatorial Pacific sediments and paleoceanography

Volcanic ocean islands and seamounts

Processing and analysis of seafloor mapping sonar data

Coastal geology

Electrical resistivity surveying

Past and present PhD students & post-doctoral researchers

2002 and 2001 Bristol Channel sand bank survey.
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