MACE 42002: Computational Hydraulics

Academic year 2018-2019

Dr David Apsley


Teaching Materials

Lecture notes     Coursework (2017/18)
Governing equations 1. Introduction to CFD
2. Fluid-flow equations
3. Approximations and simplified equations
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Slides 2
Slides 3
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Answers 3
The finite-volume method 4. The scalar-transport equation
5. Pressure and velocity
6. Time-dependent methods
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Turbulence modelling 7. Turbulence
8. Turbulence modelling
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Pre- and post-processing 9. Pre- and post-processing Slides 9 Answers 9
Advanced - not taught to MEng: 10. Advanced turbulence modelling Slides 10 Answers 10
1. STAR-CCM+: wind loading  
2. STREAM: aerofoil aerofoil.exe

*** See below if you want to run the code in parallel.
3. STAR-CCM+: room ventilation  

*** If you have multiple processors on your windows PC/laptop and would like to try running the aerofoil code (coursework 2) in parallel using MPI, then you can try the following.
Create a new folder and download into it all the following files:
- all the executables for coursework 2
- the parallel version of stream: streamparallel.exe
- MPI runtime files (from mpich2): mpiexec.exe, smpd.exe, fmpich2.dll, mpich2mpi.dll, mpich2nemesis.dll
If you have an over-zealous virus-checker which doesn't like executable files downloaded from other computers, you may need to right-click each file in turn, and, under the properties tab, choose "unblock".
Open a command prompt to run as administrator (usually a right-click option on the start-up link). Start the smpd service with "smpd -install"
. Type "aerofoil" to start the gui. At the opening menu, change "Run in parallel" to "yes". Thereafter it runs in the same way as the serial code ... but the flow solver is faster. Maximum here: 4 processors.

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