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News of group member activities and successes are listed below. In addition, we actively engage in many acivities to create dialogue about our work and promote our profession. Please contact us if you would like to arrange an activity.

15 October 13

Congratulations to Linda Trinh who passed her viva today with minor corrections.

September 13

Congratulations to Denny Vitasari who was awarded a best poster prize at ECIS 2013, the 27th Conference of the European Colloid and Interface Society held on 1-6 September 2013, Sofia, Bulgaria.

September 13

Knowledge exchange offers new insights into gas treatement processes
We feature on page 6 of this month's edition of the GPA Europe's magazine, In Brief.

March 13

Congratulations to Linda Trinh who has won the third prize in the poster competition at the Royal Academy of Engineering Regional Lecture, 5 March 2013, for her poster, X-ray computerised tomography investigation of bread dough".

February 13

Congratulations to Dr James Winterburn who this month starts his new postion of Lecturer in the School.

December 12

New pilot plant opended at Manchester University
Unilever coverage of our TSB UltraFlexMan collaboration at the Centre for Advances in Structured Liquid Engineering - CASTLE. The Bridge, December 2012, pp. 12..

November 12

Victrex and University of Manchester start a relationship with chemistry!
Coverage of our new TSB collaboraiton with the School of Chemistry and Victrex. The Manufacturer, 14 November 2012..

October 12

President inspecting absorption column President in front of structured liquid engineering plant President viewing monoethylene glycol reclamation rig
Today we welcomed Prof Nancy Rothwell, President of The University of Manchester, to our pilot hall as part of her tour of the new James Chadwick building.

September 12

Welcome to back to Manchester group alumnus Dr Carlos Lam who has been appointed Lecturer in Geotechnical Engineering in the School of Mechanical, Aerospace & Civil Engineering, The University of Manchester.

July 12

Congratulations to Nur' Aliaa Abd Rahman for winning an IChemE Food and Drink Special Interest Group conference bursary of £250 to attend the XVI International Congress on Rheology, 5-10 August 2012, in Lisbon, Portugal.

July 12

Congratulations to Mohammadreza Khalesi for winning an InForm Researcher Exchange of €1,800 to conduct research with the group at The University of Manchester.

June 12

Ishara Kamalanathan with poster
Congratulations to Ishara Kamalanathan for winning first prize for her poster “Characterisation of biosurfactants for industrial applications” at the Royal Society of Chemistry Younger Members Symposium, 13 June 2012, University of Nottingham. Her poster also won second best in year at the 2012 SCEAS Research Day.

June 12

Congratulations to Rafael Lopez Rodriguez for being awarded a 2012 Roberto Rocca Fellowship.

April 12

Congratulations to Dr Monika Brychczynska for winning a conference grant of £1,300 from the Society of Petroleum Engineers to attend the SPE Latin American and Caribbean Petroleum Engineering Conference, 16-18 April 2012, Mexico City, Mexico.

April 12

Congratulations to Dr Monika Brychczynska for winning a conference grant of £1,300 from the Society of Petroleum Engineers to attend the SPE Latin American and Caribbean Petroleum Engineering Conference, 16-18 April 2012, Mexico City, Mexico.

November 11

tce Today report of MEG pilot plant launch
The University of Manchester and Cameron launch the new monoehtylene glycol (MEG) pilot plant. The PureMEG launch event attracted over 90 global representatives of the major international and national oil companies including Total, BP, GDF, Saipem, Statoil, Shell, Genesis, Petrofac, BW Offshore, Repsol, Hydrafact, ENI, SBM and Technip. The Institution of Chemical Engineers’ reported Gary Sams, Cameron’s vice-president of technology, saying, “In the 35 years I’ve been in this industry, I’ve never been as excited by anything as much as the research being carried out here.” The event was also covered by The Chemical Engineer magazine (December, 2011, pp. 18).

6 July 11

James Winterburn winner of SCEAS research impact pitch
Congratulations to James Winterburn for winning first prize and £250 at the first SCEAS Research Impact Showcase for his impact pitch "A novel bio-surfactant production route".

July 11

Welcome to Tanya Harake from Withington Girls' School, Manchester, and Namra Jawad from The Manchester College, Manchester, who have won Nuffield Science Bursaries to work on the project "Creation of novel structured liquids" with Dr Peter Martin.

May 11

Congratualtions to Linda Trinh who has won a £250 IChemE Food and Drink Special Interest Group conference bursary to attend the International Congress on Engineering and Food, 22-26 May 2011, Athens, Greece.

April 11

Congratualtions to James Winterburn who has been awarded an EPSRC PhD Plus fellowship worth £16,000 to continue his PhD research for 7 months post submission.

January 11

Congratualtions to Carlos Lam who has won a £1,500 Wing Yip Bursary for outstanding achievement by a student of Chinese origin.

5 March 11

Denny at MOSI Meet the Engineer at MOSI
Denny Vitasari, Monika Brychczynska and Peter Martin demonstrate their research to the public at the "Meet the Engineer" day at Manchester Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI).

23 February 11

Well done to Vicky Riding who presented her paper “Mixing vessel characterisation and the effect of mixing geometry on the power needed for droplet size reduction for a high-throughput processor” as a finalist at the Research Student Competition of the IChemE Fluid Mixing Processes Subject Group at Cranfield University, UK.

8 January 11

Foam demonstration Catalyst Science Club
James Winterburn demonstrates the principles of foam fractionation to the Saturday Science Club at the Catalyst science centre, Widnes.

September 10

Congratulations to James Winterburn who has won a £250 IChemE Biochemcial Enginering Special Interest Group conference bursary to present his paper, “Recirculating biosurfactant foam stripper for integration with industrial fermenters”, at the 14th International Biotechnology Symposium, Rimini, Italy.

July 10

Welcome to Kevin Cruchon and Anne Laure Piquot who have joined the group as placement students from the University of Caen, France.

June 10

Well done to James Winterburn who has won third prize for his poster at the SCEAS Research Day.

1 March 10

Debating Matters North West final
Peter Martin took part as a judge of the Debating Matters North West regional final at The Bridgewater Hall, Manchester.

13 October 09

Peter Martin took part as a judge of the Debating Matters Manchester qualifying round at Loretto College, Manchester.

July 09

Welcome to Becky Osborne from Pendleton College, Salford, who has won a Nuffield Science Bursary to work on the project "Sound methods of breaking foam" with Dr Peter Martin.

27 April 09

Peter Martin presented "Brewing, beer & biorefining: a crude replacement?" at the Didsbury SciBar.

March 09

Well done to James Winterburn who has won third prize for his poster "Production of biosurfactant by fermentation with integral foam fractionation” at the Chemistry Innovation Associates Event, York, UK.

February 09

Welcome to Sylvain Sonnery who joins the group as a visiting researcher from EF International Language School, Manchester, UK.

October 08

Congratulations to James Winterburn who has won an IChemE competition to present at the 100th AIChE Annual Meeting, USA.

7 July 2008

James Winterburn at CCI
James Winterburn takes part at the Annual Children Challenging Industry celebration at Catalyst science discovery centre, Runcorn. The CCI project aims to give school children in Years 5 and 6 an opportunity to see, in a fun way, how the science they are taught is relevant to everyday life.

2 July 2008

Helen Dutton presents a 'World of Waves' James Winterburn presents a 'World of Waves'
Helen Dutton and James Winterburn presented a "World of Waves" at the How Science Works Day, Potteries Museum, Stoke.

January 2008

Welcome to Marjorie Cozas who joins the group as a placement student from Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Industries Chimiques de Nancy, France.

10 May 08

MOSI Meet the Engineer MOSI bread assessment
IChemE "Meet the Engineer" at the Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester as part of EPSRC project engagingcogs.

1 March 08

Peter Martin presented "Our Daily Bread" at the Brighton Science Festival.