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Vicky Riding

EngD Student

Start date: September 2009
Co-supervisors: Dr Flor Siperstein
Project: Processing for Product Formulation Innovation and Technology
Sponsor: EngD with Unilever

My Background:

  • R&D of Ink-Jet Colorants and Inks for FujiFilm IC/Avecia/Zeneca

  • MSc Colour Application Technology

  • BSc Chemistry

The formulation of personal care and household liquid products is complex. The 'quality feel' and shelf-life of the product are important criteria toward customer satisfaction. For emulsions, command of droplet size and size distribution is crucial to controlling these criteria. Factors affecting the emulsion's structure include: 1. The physical and chemical properties of the dispersed and continuous phase (and surface active agents) and their relative proportions. 2. The equipment used and its parameters. 3. The mixing method used. 4. The environmental conditions, such as temperature and pressure. This work is investigating certain aspects of the emulsifying equipment for a range of emulsions.



  • Holbrook, M, Yusuf, S, Riding, V, Ink compositions containing ethylene glycol monobutyl ether, US2006197816 (A1) 2006.

  • Holland, KJ, Holbrook, M, Cordwell, RJS, Riding, V, Ink jet ink composition comprising glycerol, WO2005080513 (A1) 2005.


  • Riding, V."Mixing vessel characterisation and the effect of mixing geometry on the power needed for droplet size reduction for a high-throughput processor". Oral presentation at the Fluid Mixing Processes Subject Group - Research Student Competition, 23 February 2011, Cranfield University, UK.

  • Riding, V., Martin, P., Kowalski, A. Characterisation of a Chemspeed Formax robot for high throughput emulsion formulation and processing”. Poster presented at the 5th World Congress on Emulsions, 12-14 October 2010, Lyon, France.