Manchester Applied Mathematics and Numerical Analysis Seminars

Winter 1999/2000

Unless stated otherwise, the seminars are held on Wednesdays in lecture theatre OF/B9 in Oddfellows Hall which is part of the Material Sciences complex.

Friday, September 17, 1999
Special Seminars, Room 2-08, Maths Tower, Oxford Road
11.00 am
Dr Igor Podlubny
(Dept. of Management and Control Eng., Tech. Univ. of Kosice, Slovak Republic)
Some methods of solutions of differential equations of non-integer order
2.00 pm
Prof Genna Bocharov
(Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow)
Mathematical Models of Population Dynamics with Delays: Studies of virus growth and immune responses
September 22, 1999
4.00 pm
Dr. Jonathan Mestel
(Dept. of Mathematics, Imperial College)
Some high-Reynolds-number flows with two or more small scales
September 29, 1999
4.00 pm
Prof. Paul Glendinning
(Dept. of Mathematics , QMW; from Jan 2000: Dept. of Mathematics , UMIST)
Topology versus measure in globally coupled maps
October 6, 1999
4.00 pm
Prof. Tom Mullin
(Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, University of Manchester)
Patterned Particle Segregation
October 13, 1999
No Seminar (QAA at UMIST)
October 20, 1999
4.00 pm
Prof. Norman Riley
(School of Mathematics, University of East Anglia)
Waves propagating over a submerged cylinder
Monday, October 25, 1999
11.00 am
Organiser: Dr. Bill Lionheart
(Dept. of Mathematics , UMIST)
British One-Day Workshop on Inverse Problems
October 27, 1999
UMIST, Maths Tower, Room C22
2.00 pm
Organiser: Dr. Mark Muldoon
(Dept. of Mathematics , UMIST)
Half Day Meeting in Biomathematics: Informatics & Sequence Analysis
November 03, 1999
4.00 pm
Dr. Richard B Lehoucq
(Applied and Numerical Mathematics Department, Sandia National Laboratories)
Linear Stability Analysis of Large-Scale Incompressible Flow Calculations on Massively Parallel Computers
November 10, 1999
2.30 pm
Dr. Ian Frigaard
(Etudes et Productions, Schlumberger-Dowell, Clamart, France)
Displacing Visco-plastic Fluids in Long Channels
4.00 pm
Dr. Kevin Judd
(Dept. of Mathematics & Statistics , University of Western Australia)
Forget about predicting the future, try knowing the present
November 17, 1999
4.00 pm
Dr. Alan Champneys
(Dept. of Engineering Maths , University of Bristol)
The `Indian rope trick' for a continuously flexible rod
November 24, 1999
4.00 pm
Prof. Endre Süli
(Computing Laboratory, University of Oxford)
hp-Finite Element Methods for Hyperbolic Problems: Error Analysis and Adaptivity
December 1, 1999
4.00 pm
Dr. Andrew Fowler
(OCIAM, University of Oxford)
Breaking the seal at Grímsvötn -- subglacial eruptions and floods.
December 8, 1999 No Seminar (Board meetings)
December 15, 1999
2.30 pm
Dr. Jonathan Healey
(Dept. of Mathematics, Keele University)
Instability in the Blasius boundary layer
4.00 pm
Dr. Xuesong Wu
(Dept. of Mathematics , Imperial College)
Generation of Tollmien-Schlichting waves by free-stream disturbances
Monday, December 20, 1999

Room 2-14, Maths Tower, Oxford Road
10.30 am
Organiser: Prof. Christopher Baker
(Dept. of Mathematics , University of Manchester)
Half Day Meeting: `Problems with After-Effect or Delay'
January 12, 2000
2.30 pm
Dr. Nick Hill
(Dept. of Applied Mathematics , University of Leeds)
Modelling the Onset of Atherosclerosis
4.00 pm
Dr. Sarah Waters
(DAMTP, University of Cambridge)
Mathematical modelling of cardiovascular and respiratory flow

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