I'm privileged to have, or have had, some kind of supervisory role in the following scientists' careers. In mathematics, people work more independently than the lab-based sciences, but the slightly inappropriate term 'Group' seems to have stuck.

If you'd like to work with me at any career stage, please get in touch to discuss scientific and funding possibilities.


  • Tim Kinyanjui, working on robust mathematical modelling of Household Epidemics.



  • Liz Buckingham-Jeffery, working on real-time methods in mathematical epidemiology and modelling cancer radiotherapy. Destination: post-doc at the University of Manchester with Lorenzo Pellis.
  • Ed Hill working on influenza, co-supervised by Mike Tildesley. Destination: post-doc at the University of Warwick.
  • Rob Eyre, working on health networks in a resource-poor setting, main supervisor Frances Griffiths. Destination: working for Spectra Analytics.
  • Lorenzo Pellis, postdoc on various aspects of mathematical epidemiology. Destination: Wellcome Trust personal fellowship, and Senior Lectureship at the University of Manchester.
  • Matt Graham, PhD on network epidemiology. Destination: post-doc at Johns Hopkins.
  • Dan Sprague, PhD on modelling health behaviours, co-supervised by Gareth Roberts. Destination: founding Spectra Analytics.
  • Ashley Ford, post-doc on geometric and gradient-based MCMC for shedding data and epidemics. Destination: post-doc at University of Bristol.
  • Sam Bilson, post-doc on geometric MCMC for shedding data. Destination: Visiting Lecturer at St Mary's, then tech industry.
  • Sam Mason, MRes on MCMC for 1918 Influenza, co-supervised by Matt Keeling. Destination: PhD at Warwick Systems Biology.