Picture of Thomas House

I'm a Reader in the School of Mathematics at the University of Manchester. I am currently funded by the Royal Society Industry scheme to spend half of my time working with IBM Research locally, thinking about how we can make better use of modern computing architectures to solve complex inferential and modelling problems.

I am a Fellow of the Alan Turing Institute and lead the "Turing @ Manchester: Patient Subgroup Discovery" project. I am also grateful for past and current funding from EPSRC.

My work focuses on Mathematical Epidemiology, which is an exciting field that draws on various areas of the mathematical sciences. I am currently particularly interested in efficient statistical inference for these problems, complex data including networks and associated theory, numerical probability, inverse problems, and model simplification.

I also support development of open-source software for epidemic modelling. My GitHub is here, and amusingly enough I'm old enough to have a SourceForge account. Now there is a great initiative called epirecipes that will hopefully pull together a lot of relevant software.