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Joining the Group

The Liddle group is composed of a mixture of honours students (final year projects), PhD students, and postdoctoral researchers.

Prospective MChem Final Year Honours Students

If you are a prospective MChem final year honours student interested in pursuing a final year research project in the group then feel free to contact Prof. Liddle for an informal chat and/or to visit the lab. The group typically takes on 1-3 final year project students each year who are integral to the group research effort and will work on projects which overlap with PhD and/or postdoc projects. On a day-to-day basis project students are closely supervised by an individually assigned postdoc or senior PhD student. Formal meetings are held with Prof. Liddle every week with more informal ones every day in the lab. Most final year project students will have work from their time in the lab published in the primary literature. We would encourage prospective students to come speak to us before making their project choices.

Prospective PhD Students

Each year the group typically takes on new PhD students who will work on key research themes within the group. The admission process is centrally organised and applications should be made through the web application system. Interested students are always welcome to come visit the lab and/or to informally discuss projects with Prof. Liddle and we would encourage informal contact before formal applications are made. A number of possible funding routes exist, including School DTG, University Scholarships such as President's Doctoral or Dean's Fund, or funding from the students home nation, e.g. CSC.

Prospective Postdoctoral Researchers

The group supports postdoctoral researchers through funding from grant bodies and charities. Any available positions will be advertised through the University and, otherwise all positions should be considered to be filled. However, in addition there are a number of possible sources of funding where interested high calibre candidates can make an application for funding themselves or an application can be made by Prof. Liddle with the candidate as a named researcher. Interested parties are encouraged to contact Prof. Liddle to discuss possible applications.

Contact details and a number of useful Links including possible funding sources can be found to the left.


Last updated: 26.01.2016
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