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The Lab - 3.15

The group works in a modern, well equipped lab - with ample bench space and fume hoods - and dedicated office and computing space. All researchers have their own personal fume hood equipped with Schlenk line and gas drying facilities. In addition to routine glassware, and equipment, the lab is equipped with 3 MBRAUN glove boxes (2 double glove and 1 quad glove, each with an integral freezer), a turbo line, cold storage (5 to –78 °C) and ovens. The group also has exclusive use of its own dedicated 32-CPU quad core quantum cube for rapid execution of high level computational calculations, a UV/Vis/NIR spectrometer to complement and enhance experimental work, cyclic voltametric equipment, a ReactIR system, Raman and FTIR (transmission and ATR) spectrometers, and a Microsaic MS. Most of these are in or linked to glove boxes by fibre optics.

School Facilities

The School of Chemistry at The University of Manchester boasts state-of-the-art equipment and facilities to underpin our research effort. Characterisation techniques which are most relevant to our research include 3 single crystal X-ray diffractometers, extensive NMR spectrometers and mass spectrometry, the UK National EPSRC-funded EPR service, SQUID magnetometry, CHN microanalyses suite. A whole host of other kit and facilities, too numerous to list, is also available, including the Centre for Radiochemistry Research, wider facilities in the School of Chemistry, and the Photon Science Institute.

We also collaborate closely with colleagues at The University of Manchester (Prof. Eric McInnes, National EPR Facility and magnetism; Prof. Richard Winpenny and Dr Floriana Tuna, magnetism; Dr Nick Chilton, CASSCF calculations; Iain Crowe, luminescence), Stuttgart University (Prof. Joris van Slageren, EPR, Domain Wave Spectroscopy, Dressel Far-IR), the Australian National University (Prof. Mark Ridgway, XAS, EXAFS, XANES), University of Toulouse (Prof. Laurent Maron,Transition State calculations), Minnesota University (Prof. Laura Gagliardi, CASSCF calculations), Lancaster University (Dr Andy Kerridge, RASSCF), Dresden University (Dr Michael Patzschke, SIC DFT), Los Alamos National Laboratory (Dr Andy Gaunt, Np and Pu chemistry), Regensburg University (Prof. Manfred Scheer, pnictide chemistry).


Last updated: 26.01.2016
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