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The Liddle group gratefully enjoys funding from a wide range of grant bodies and charities.

The following links give further details of existing/possible funding schemes.

Royal Society: Postdoctoral fellowships and travel grants.

EPSRC: Responsive mode funding.

EU: Marie Curie Fellowships.

ERC/Cordis: Ideas and People.

The British Council: Scholarships.

Royal Commission of 1851: Fellowships.

Ramsay Memorial Fellowships Trust: Fellowships.

The Leverhulme Trust: Early Career Fellowships and Research Grants.

The Fulbright Commission: Visiting US and UK Fellowships.

Lloyds of London: Tercentenary Fellowships.

Alexander von Humboldt: Research Fellowships.

Nuffield Foundation: Summer studentships.


Last updated: 22.03.2013
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