USGS Flume Experiments 2009
Professor Nico Gray,
Department of Mathematics,
University of Manchester,
Oxford Road,
Manchester test
M13 9PL, U.K.
Tel:+44 (0)161 275 5888
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[Granular jets and hydraulic jumps on an inclined plane] [Self-channelisation and levee formation in monodisperse granular flows] [Multi-component particle-size segregation in shallow granular avalanches] [Gravity-driven granular free-surface flow around a circular cylinder] [Segregation-induced fingering in granular free-surface flows] [Multiple solutions for granular flow over a smooth two-dimensional bump]
new APS March meeting 2022 Keynote talk in session Y43 "Flow and Packing of Dense Granular Materials"
EGU 2021 Keynote talk in NH3.11 Multi-Hazards and Mass Flow Mechanics in Mountain Settings"
WCCM-ECCOMAS 2020 keynote talk on "Simulating monodisperse and polydisperse granular flows"
Powders & Grains Sydney 2013 keynote talk
Kavli Institute Santa Barbara 2013 talk
PhD project available
newPapers and Movies
Depth-Averaged Segregation
Asymmetric Segregation
Viewing Segregation with Index Matching
Breaking Size Segregation Waves
Jet impingement
Granular avalanches
Granular flow in a rotating drum
Pattern formation
Sea-ice dynamics
Earth Surface Sedimentary Flows Symposium
IMA conference on Dense Granular Flows
2nd IMA conference on Dense Granular Flows
3rd IMA conference on Dense Granular Flows
Newton Institute programme
My research interests lie in understanding and modelling the flow of granular materials, in small scale experiments, industrial processes and geophysical flows.

[Mixing in a rotating drum] [Flow past a rearward facing pyramid] Current research is aimed at understanding fundamental processes such as the flow past obstacles, shock waves, dead-zones, fluid-solid phase transitions, particle size segregation and pattern formation. A novel and important feature of all my work is the close interplay of theory, numerical computation and experiment to investigate these nonlinear systems. I currently have three active experiments which are housed in two laboratories at the Manchester Centre for Nonlinear Dynamics. You can click on the videos and pictures as well as the adjacent toolbar to find out more about specific problems that I am interested in.

[Segregation-induced fingering instabilities in granular free surface flows] [Pattern formation in granular avalanches] [Particle-size segregation and diffusive remixing in shallow granular avalanches] [Granular jets and hydraulic jumps on an inclined plane]

[Asymmetric breaking size-segregation waves in dense granular free-surface flows] [Formation of levess, troughs and elevated channels by avalanches on erodible slopes]
[Underlying Asymmetry within Particle Size Segregation] [Particle-size segregation in dense granular avalanches]

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