new LMS Segregation Workshop
I am deputy director of the Manchester Centre for Nonlinear Dynamics (MCND). The MCND is an initiative taken by the University of Manchester to promote interdisciplinary research of nonlinear systems. The centre is formed by researchers from within the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Physics and Astronomy. Research within the MCND group is based upon the application of a combined approach of theoretical modelling, computation and detailed quantitative experimental investigations of nonlinear phenomena. The MCND laboratories are housed within the Department of Physics and Astronomy. Current MCND research covers a broad range of systems, including problems in fluid mechanics, granular flow, optics and liquid crystals.

I collaborate with Sebastian Noelle and have visited him as part of the Priority Research Programme SPP322 Analysis and Numerics for Conservation Laws". I also have ongoing research links with the German Research Council's Sonderforschungsbereich SFB298 on "Deformation and failure of metallic and granular structures" at Darmstadt Technical University in Germany.

In August 2002 I organized a very succesful LMS sponsored workshop on "Particle Size Segregation, Mixing and Pattern Formation in Granular Materials" . A full workshop programme, list of participants and details of the meeting can be found by following the adjacent link.

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