Manchester Applied Mathematics and Numerical Analysis Seminars

Winter 1998

Unless stated otherwise, the seminars are held on Wednesdays in lecture theatre D13 in the Material Sciences Building .

September 30, 1998
2.30 pm
Dr. Sergei Fedotov
( Dept. of Mathematics, UMIST)
Relativistic Hamilton-Jacobi Dynamics of Wave Front for Reaction-Diffusion System
October 7, 1998

Room 2.14 in the Maths Building, Oxford Road.

2.30 pm
Dr. Ron Thatcher
(Dept. of Mathematics, UMIST)
Least Squares, Finite Element Solution of Differential Equations
3.45 pm
Dr. Francoise Tisseur
(Dept. of Mathematics , Univ. of Manchester)
Backward Error and Condition of Polynomial Eigenvalue Problems
4.30 pm
Prof. Nick Higham
(Dept. of Mathematics , Univ. of Manchester)
Computing the Singular Value Decomposition to High Relative Accuracy
October 14, 1998

2.30 pm
Dr. Natalia Janson
Embedding inter-spike intervals
4 pm
Dr. Wolfgang Müller
(Mech. & Chem. Engineering , Herriot-Watt)
How can continuum theory help to improve the reliability of microelectronics structures and materials?
October 21, 1998 No Seminar (QAA dummy run)
October 28, 1998
2.30 pm
Dr. C.J. Chapman
(Dept. of Mathematics, Univ. of Keele)
Error analysis in singular perturbation theory
4 pm
Dr. Stephen Cowley
(DAMTP , Univ. of Cambridge)
Vortex Breakdown
November 4, 1998
2.30 pm
Dr. Len J. Gray
(Oakridge National Laboratory, Tennessee)
Applications of the Boundary Integral Method
4 pm
Prof. Costas Pozrikidis
(AMES, Univ. of California, San Diego)
Late stages of breakup of a viscous thread.


November 11, 1998
4 pm
Dr. Oliver Jensen
(DAMTP , Univ. of Cambridge)
The reopening of flexible fluid-filled lung airways.
November 18, 1998
4 pm
Prof. Mike Thorpe
( Dept. of Physics , Michigan State Univ./Univ. Delft)
Floppy modes and rigid regions in networks, glasses and proteins
November 25, 1998
2.30 pm
Dr. Rich Kerswell
(Dept. of Mathematics , Univ. of Bristol)
Turbulent flows have their limits
4 pm
Dr. Peter Howell
(OCIAM, Univ. of Oxford)
Bubble bursting and foam stability
December 2, 1998 No Seminar (QAA)
December 9, 1998
4 pm
Dr. Christian Beck
( Dept. of Mathematical Sciences , QMW)
Physical meaning for Mandelbrot and Julia sets
December 16, 1998
2.30 pm
Dr. Jim Denier
( Dept. of Applied Mathematics, Univ. of Adelaide)
Nonlinear travelling waves in buoyant boundary layers
4 pm
Prof. Jean-Marc Vanden-Broeck
( School of Mathematics, UEA)
Time dependent gravity-capillary flows past an obstacle
January 20, 1999
4 pm
Prof. Christopher Baker
(Dept. of Mathematics , Univ. of Manchester)
A 60th birthday seminar: Treatment of problems with memory - parameters, perturbations, and singular perturbations
January 27, 1999

Room 2.16 in the Maths Building, Oxford Road.

2.15 pm
Dr. Martin Berzins
(School of Computer Studies, Univ. of Leeds)
Adaptive Unstructured Mesh Numerical Solvers for Time Dependent P.D.E.s - Methods , Software and Applications.
4 pm
Dr. Des Higham
(Dept. of Mathematics, Univ. of Strathclyde)
Stability of Numerical Methods for Stochastic Ordinary Differential Equations

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