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Manchester Institute of Biotechnology

School of Chemistry
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Current Lab Members

Spyros Charonis (EPSRC PhD, joint with Robin Curtis, CEAS)
Stefan Ivanov (A*STAR Singapore scheme PhD student, joint with Peter Bond, BII Singapore)
Max Hebditch (BBSRC PhD, joint with Robin Curtis, CEAS)
James Baker (A*STAR Singapore scheme PhD student, joint with Frank and Birgit Eisenhaber, BII, SIngapore)
Nick Fowler (BBSRC DTP PhD student, joint with Sam de Visser and Chris Blanford)
Luke Holloway (BBSRC iCASE, with Robin Curtis and with Chris van der Walle, Shahid Uddin (MedImmune)

A BBSRC/BRIC funded collaboration to improve molecular understanding of (particularly therapeutic) protein aggregation, and for which our group contributed hypotheses for experimental testing, has now finished, although the write-up is in progress.  From this project, Rana Dajani is now working with Jeremy Derrick's group, and Dorota Roberts has moved on to Lonza Biologics.  James Austerberry has taken a position within a follow-up BBSRC Link grant, with an expanded academic team and with MedImmune.

Current Collaborations

Robin Curtis (CEAS, Manchester) Weak protein-protein interactions (link to CEAS Staff page)
Steve High (FLS, Manchester) Structural models for cell biology
Hui Lu (FLS, Manchester, protein interactions and disulphide bond formation)
pKa Coop (Cooperative to improve methods for pKa and charge interaction predictions)

Past Lab Members

Paul Bate
Salim Bougouffa email
Tracey Bray email

Alejandro Carballo email
Andrew Cawley
Pedro Chan email
Chris Cole
Paul Gane email
Richard Greaves email
Rose Keeling email
James Kitchen email
Binbin Liu email
James Magee (with Leo Lue CEAS, Manchester)
Fay Moutevelis
Rob Penfold email
Ivan Sazanavets
Collaborations of the Recent Past

Miles Houslay (Glasgow) Modelling Phosphodiesterases and interaction partners
Andrey Karshikoff (Karolinska) and members of the EU-funded PROEL project
Leo Lue (CEAS, Manchester) Polymer physics, protein folding (link to CEAS Staff page)
Myer Salaman email (Imperial College) Serum Albumin, iso-electric points and solubility
Stefan Weiss (Munich) and members if the EU-funded Prion Dimers project