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Teaching Approach

I'm interested in and excited about inquiry-based teaching methods. Wherever possible, I incorporate research projects into the assessment of my undergraduate course units; I give students as much freedom as I can to explore the ideas and questions that excite them. My classroom agenda focuses primarily on the development of intellectual and practical skills, particularly around issues of critical thinking and research design.

Current Course Units

Office hours (Semester 1, 2016-17): Mon 15:00-16:00 & Fri 14:00-15:00
(Samuel Alexander N1.15)

LELA10201: Language, Mind and Brain
Course Outline (Course website on Blackboard)

LELA20342: Experimental Phonetics
Course Outline (Course website on Blackboard)

LELA70061: (MA) Phonetics and Phonology
(Course website on Blackbo

Phd Supervision

Recent PhD Students:

  • Michaela Hejná. Pre-aspiration in Welsh English: A case study of Aberystwyth. (Co-supervised with Yuni Kim and Ricardo Bermúdez-Otero)
  • Current PhD Students:

  • Fernanda Barrientos Cotreras. Probabilistic modeling of L2 speech perception. (Co-supervised with Yuni Kim).
  • Aseel Almuhaimeed. Phonological processes in the Najdi Arabic dialect: An Optimality Theory Approach. (Co-supervised with Yuni Kim).
  • Donald Morrison. The phonology of Scottish Gaelic (Co-supervised with Ricardo Bermúdez-Otero).
  • Stephen Nichols. Height Harmony in Bantu.
  • Previous Course Units

    LELA30101&71101: Quantitative Research Methods (Manchester)
    Course Outline (Course website on Blackboard)

    LELA20011: Introduction to Phonology (Manchester)
    (Course website on Blackboard)

    Linguistics 101: Phonology 1 (UCSC)
    Syllabus. (Course website on eCommons).

    Linguistics 219: Phonology Seminar (UCSC)
    Syllabus. (Course website on eCommons).

    Linguistics 102: Phonology 2 (UCSC)
    Syllabus. (Course website on eCommons).

    Linguistics 154: Language and Social Identity (UCSC)
    Syllabus. (Course website on eCommons).

    Lingusitics 201: Introduction to Linguistic Theory. (UMass Amherst)
    Fall 2010 Syllabus; Fall 2009 Syllabus. (Course website on SPARK).