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Tim Cootes: Software

I write software predominantly in C++ using the excellent VXL computer vision libraries, to which I and my colleagues regularly contribute.
You can download VXL from Github.
I've written a VXL library for constructing and manipulating 2D shape models: contrib/mul/msm
I have created a set of graphics classes and widgets to display VXL objects using Qt: UoMqVXL
This includes tools to annotate images with points, and display the modes of a shape model. See: qmsm/tools
Source code for an Active Shape Model library, building on VXL.
Source code for an Appearance Model library, building on VXL.



You can find a range of useful annotated datasets on the FGNET Website.
Manual annotation of the BioID face images.
Manual annotation of the XM2VTS face images.
Manual annotation of the AR Face Database face images.
Images with annotation of a talking face.
A set of hand points.