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Projects on Facial Image Interpretation

We have over 20 years experience in computer vision for facial image interpretation using statistical models of shape and appearance.
In particular we have modelled their shape using Point Distribution Models and appearance with Combined Appearance Models.
We have located facial features with Active Shape Models, Active Appearance Models and Constrained Local Models.
We have developed Groupwise Image Registration to find accurate correspondences across large sets of images.
Here are some of our recent projects in the area.
Monitoring the faces of drivers, with Angela Caunce
(Funded by Toyota Motor Europe)
Facial Image Analysis
Ongoing research into uses of statistical models for facial image interpretation.
Tools for Understanding Facial Behaviour
with Mircea Ionita
(Funded by a EPSRC Knowledge Transfer Award)
Tools for Personalised Facial Feature Tracking
with Mircea Ionita
(Funded by a EPSRC Knowledge Transfer Award)
The MoBio project for face and voice recognition on Mobile devices. This includes Facial Feature Tracking
A project aimed at modelling human facial motions with David Cristinacce.