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Publications and Articles

Conference Publications

  1. Nikolaos Kyparissas, Gavin Brown and Mikel Lujan, "FINESSD: Near-Storage Feature Selection with Mutual Information for Resource-Limited FPGAs", in FCCM 2024, Orlando, Florida, USA, May 2024. [PDF]
  2. Nikolaos Kyparissas and Apostolos Dollas, "An FPGA-based Architecture to Simulate Cellular Automata with Large Neighborhoods in Real Time", in FPL 2019, Barcelona, Spain, September 2019. [PDF]
  3. Nikolaos Kyparissas and Apostolos Dollas, "Field Programmable Gate Array Technology as an Enabling Tool Towards Large-Neighborhood Cellular Automata on Cells with Many States", in HPCS 2019, Dublin, Ireland, July 2019. [PDF]

Journal Publications

  1. Nikolaos Kyparissas and Apostolos Dollas, "Large Scale Cellular Automata on FPGAs: A Generic Architecture and a Framework", ACM Transactions on Reconfigurable Technology and Systems, 14, 1, Article 5, Dec. 2020. [PDF]


ECE Diploma Thesis, "A Framework for the Real-Time Execution of Cellular Automata on Reconfigurable Logic", Supervisor: Prof. Apostolos Dollas, February 2020. [LINK] [Corrections]


"What Exactly Is a Computer?" (text in Greek), Mensa GR Magazine, April 2021. [PDF]

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