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We are researching the complex cartographic histories of Manchester. The aim is to understand the nature of cartographic representations, how they are enrolled in managing complex urban practices, and their work in envisioning the city and city life. Some of the core themes that interest us include:

Over the last couple of year we conducted primary research in various archives and map collections in Manchester and beyond to develop the themes for an informative and intellectually-driven public exhibitions, Mapping Manchester. Research continues and more cartographic materials are being gathered for several academic and popular articles and a comprehensive book in the near future. We hope the book will appeal to several audiences - those interested in Manchester, in the nature of mapping and visual representation and how urban histories are made real through certain representations that circulate and work in the world. The research is certainly turning up a range of fascinating maps and plans.

Who is involved
The research is being undertaken by Chris Perkins and Martin Dodge, within the Department of Geography, University of Manchester, and in collaboration with Richard Brook at the Manchester School of Architecture. The research is also benefiting from the help of two experienced professional cartographers (Graham Bowden and Nick Scarle) in the Cartographic Unit at the University of Manchester and ready access to the largest map library in the region in the John Rylands Library which is helpfully staffed by Donna Sherman.

Research is presently drawing on the major historical resources available within Manchester City Council's Central Library in their Archives and Local Studies sections, Chetham's Library, as well as the vast collection in the John Rylands University Library.

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Major outputs

A  sample of maps we featured in the Mapping Manchester exhibition.

Isochron - Time Travel Map  Marr Housing Condition map
Drink Map
Time Zone Map, 1914. Produced by Manchester City Council tramways department.

(Courtesy of Manchester City Archives and Local Studies Library)

Small portion of a detailed housing condition map. It was published in this book: T.R. Marr, Housing Conditions in Manchester and Salford (1904, Sherratt & Hughes at the University Press).

You can browse a nice scan of the full map usefully layered onto Google Maps base from here. The full text of Marr's book is also available from the Internet Archive.
The Drink Map of Manchester, 1889.

(Courtesy of Manchester Geographical Society)

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