AFM image of nanofibrous gel SEM image of cell on glass Fluorescence image of fibroblasts in nanofibrous gel Fluorescence image of cell on fibre Fluorescence image of cell on glass Group photo 2014

Anterior Cruciate Ligament

Collaborating with Eithne Comerford (University of Liverpool). Funded by UKRMP.

Current researchers: Deepak Kumar, Zara Smith.

Self-assembled peptide gels

Collaborating with Alberto Saiani and Aline Miller (University of Manchester). Funded by UKRMP, EPSRC and industrial funding.

Current researchers: Deepak Kumar.

Cellulose nanowhiskers

Collaborating with Steve Eichhorn (University of Manchester). Funded by EPSRC through the University of Manchester NoWNano DTC.

Current researchers: Naa-Dei Nikoi, Annchalee Eade.

Novel magnesium alloys for bone repair

Collaborating with Joe Robson, Dirk Engelberg and Nick Stevens (University of Manchester). Funded by Magnesium Elektron and EPSRC.

Current researchers: Marilia Girardi Zorzato.

Responsive lipid vesicles

Collaborating with Simon Webb (Chemistry, University of Manchester). Funded by the BBSRC.

Current researchers:Joana Silva.

Cell shape control

Collaborating with Lu Shin Wong & Ernie Hill (Manchester) and Paul Roach (Keele). Funded by and EPSRC DTA.

Current researchers: Amy Baldwinson.

Nerve guide conduits

Collaborating with Adam Reid, Giorgio Terenghi.Funded by i4i, MRC CiC.

Current researchers: Simon Wan.

Last updated November 2016