R-thritis Statistical Computing Group

Structural equation modelling with lavaan

Confirmatory factor analysis, path analysis and structural equation models in R.

Introduction to Shiny

Shiny is a tool for creating interactive dashboards and web apps from R.

Bayesian modelling with Stan

Introduction to Stan, rstan and brms for multi-level Bayesian regession modelling.

Collaboration, version control and learning to commit

Step by step guide on using GitHub and RStudio for collaborative analysis.

Wrangling data the right way with R

Tips on data manipulation with the packages data.table, dplyr and tidyr, including reshaping data, creating lagged variables and preparing data for survival analysis.

The Grammar of Graphics

A philosophy for data visualisation, based on the foundations formalised in Leland Wilkinson's seminal book, now implemented in various software packages.

Best practices for building baseline tables

Tips and tricks for generating tabular summaries efficiently and reproducibly using R.

Literate Programming in R Markdown

R Markdown is a tool for generating richly documented, reproducible analyses. This worksheet introduces the basic steps in creating an R Markdown document.

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R-thritis Statistical Computing Group

R-thritis is the R user group at the Centre for Epidemiology Versus Arthritis.