Gp 2022

Prof. Simon Webb

Simon completed BSc and MSc degrees at the University of Auckland in New Zealand (MSc thesis 1994, with Assoc. Prof. L.J. Wright). He was then awarded a Special Prince of Wales Cambridge Bursary, which allowed him to move to the U.K. and undertake PhD studies with Prof. J.K.M. Sanders FRS at the University of Cambridge (thesis 1997). In October 2002, after postdoctoral periods in Nijmegen (with Prof. R.J.M. Nolte) and Sheffield (with Prof. N.H. Williams and Prof. C.A. Hunter FRS), he moved to Manchester. He is currently Professor in Organic Chemistry.

Dr David Tilly

David joined us from Jonathan Clayden's group at the University of Bristol. He is synthesising metallated Aib foldamers and assessing their catalytic performance.

Siyuan Wang

Siyuan completed his MSc in the group of Dr Imogen Riddell at Manchester, before moving across to the MIB. He is developing molecular machines that can "read" and "write".

Bene Doerner

Bene, who has joined us from the University of St Andrews, is developing molecular devices that will permit the information flow in the membranes of phospholipid vesicles and cells.

Rhodri Evans

Rhodri, who has joined us from the University of Cardiff, is investigating the use of foldamers and other molecular devices to control the conformation of proteins.

Heng "Andy" Zhong

Andy joined us from the University of Sheffield to do his MSc. He is studying the conformational behaviour of rhodium functionalised Aib foldamers.

Will Baxter

Will has joined us for his 4th year MChem project. He is designing and synthesising a class of catalytically active foldamers.