Soft Matter, 2008 4, 821-827. Back cover.

We have combined our expertise in molecular self-assembly with the materials expertise of Prof. Rein Ulijn (ASRC, CUNY) and Prof. Gough (Materials, Manchester) to generate new materials for cell culture and regenerative medicine. Our collaboration with Prof. Ulijn has provided several papers on enzyme-responsive biomaterials, two of which have featured on the inside journal covers (right).

In currently work with Prof. J. Gough, we are applying our magnetically-responsive biomaterials to tissue engineering. We used these nano-structured and self-assembled biomaterials to convert magnetic impulses into chemical information, which then induced a cellular response. It was the first time that non-invasive magnetic release from vesicles has been successfully applied in a biomaterials context, with the cells magnetically triggered to produce extracellular collagen. The magnetic methodology we have developed also allows spatial and temporal control over cell responses in these biomaterials.

A modular self-assembly approach to functionalised ß-sheet peptide hydrogel biomaterials.

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Soft Matter 2016, 12, 1915-1923.

Free to view (Open Access)

Spatially-controlled apoptosis induced by released nickel(II) within a magnetically responsive nanostructured biomaterial.

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Soft Matter, 2008, 4, 821-827.