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Knowledge transfer and external engagement statement
My cross-disciplinary background and education prepared me well to quickly get my head around new applications, sectors and external partners. I have research projects with numerous external partners including companies from different sectors (e.g. ARM, Biopharm Services, Dream Agility, Forensic Testing Ltd, MDSAS, Weightmans, Now Healthcare Group), the government (IPA), and public services (e.g. NHS Digital and hospitals). My engagement activities go beyond joint research and include e.g. contributing to IP generation and commercialization of novel decision/data science products, joint event organisation, speaking at industry events, and sharing my engagement expertise with colleagues, early career researchers, and students at seminars and workshops. So far I have generated more than £500k to support my engagement and knowledge transfer activities (e.g. via KTPs, PhD scholarships with external partners, UKRI funding for pump prime activities, etc).

Below is a summary of engagement activities I have been involved in.

External lectures and other contributions to professional conferences and other public events
  • Keynote talk at the Biopharm Services Annual Conference 2016
  • Invited talks at workshops, open days, and other events organised by external partners
  • Invited talks to speak about business engagement/knowledge transfer at UoM events

External professional advisory and business engagement