MATH20622 Programming with Python

General information

This course is taught by Dr. Stefan Güttel. My office hour is Wednesday 14–15 in ATB 2.114. The teaching times are as follows: This is a 10 credit course.

Lab classes and tests

You will only need to attend one of the two lab classes on Friday. Please check your personal timetable to find out which class you should attend. Note that the capactity of the computing cluster is limited and hence you cannot attend another class than the indicated one.

Tests: There will be 4 one-hour tests, each with 2 functions to be written (so 8 problems in total). These tests take place during the lab classes in weeks 4-8 of the semester. In week 3 we will have a mock test. The first marked test will be in week 4. The results of the 6 best problems count 30% towards the final mark. The remaining 70% are coursework.


Access the coursework here. All relevant information is given in this document. The strict deadline for submission via Blackboard is Thursday, 10th of May 2018, at 13:00.

You also need to download and extract the file which contains a template for the module and CSVs with the financial data.

Assessment: The coursework is assessed in multiple ways, including manual testing, unit testing, and plagiarism checks. While the assessment will be relative to the overall performance of all students. Click here for the overall coursework feedback.

Two feedback sessions are offered on Friday, 27th of April 2018 during the usual lab classes. Attendance to these sessions is voluntary. The purpose is to answer questions on the coursework description and outputs of Python programs. No comments can be made on the code itself nor will any debugging be performed during these sessions.

Course materials

Week 1: Introductions

Week 2: Loops and conditionals

Week 3: Functions

Week 4: Lists

Week 5: Strings

Week 6: Control flow

Week 7: File I/O

Week 8: Modules

Further material