MATH20621 Programming with Python

General information

This 10 credit course is taught by Dr Stefan Güttel.

Intended learning outcomes and an overview of the syllabus can be found here.

Teaching in weeks 1–9 of the semester will proceed as follows:


Mini tests: There will be two mini tests during the semester, each worth 15% of the total mark, and a final coursework project worth 70% of the mark. The tests take place during weeks 4 and 7 of the semester (deadlines 1pm on Oct 30 and Nov 23, respectively).

Coursework: The coursework project [PDF], worth 70% of the total mark, needs to be submitted via Blackboard by the end of week 11 (Friday 1pm on Dec 18).

Additional files for download: [] [stock.csv]
Basic testing code: []

Course materials

Below you find the core material delivered as an interactive [VIDEO] lecture. The lecture notes are also available in [HTML] and [PDF] format (for reading with adjustable font size and printing). The video lectures are hosted on Youtube. If YouTube is inaccessible for you, use the alternative video links [alt].

Week 1: Introduction

Week 2: Loops and conditionals

Week 3: Functions

Week 4: Lists

Week 5: Strings

Week 6: Control flow

Week 7: File I/O

Week 8: Modules

Week 9: Data analysis (optional)

Week 10: Consultation

Week 11: No lab classes/lectures

Further material