Manchester Applied Mathematics and Numerical Analysis Seminars

Spring 1999

Unless stated otherwise, the seminars are held on Wednesdays in lecture theatre OF/B9 in Oddfellows Hall which is part of the Material Sciences complex.

February 3, 1999
4.00 pm
Prof. Slava Kurylev
(Dept. of Mathematical Sciences, Loughborough University)
Multidimensional inverse boundary problems: Uniqueness and stability
February 10, 1999
4.00 pm
Dr. Steve McLaughlin
( Dept. of Electronics & Electrical Engineering, Univ. of Edinburgh)
Speech Analysis Using the Nonlinear Paradigm
February 17, 1999
4.00 pm
Dr. Anders Öberg
( Dept. of Mathematics, UMIST)
Iterated function systems and their invariant measures
February 24, 1999
2.30 pm
Prof. Ian H. Sloan
(School of Mathematics, University of New South Wales)
Solving parabolic problems without time stepping
4.00 pm
Dr Peter Grindrod
(Numbercraft Ltd., Oxford Science Park)
Some aspects of reaction-diffusion systems: applications and problems
March 3, 1999
2.30 pm
Prof. Francis Molenkamp
( Dept. of Civil Engineering, UMIST)
Finite Elements as ill-posed boundary value problems
4.00 pm
Prof. Tom Bridges
(Dept. of Maths & Stats., Univ. of Surrey )
Differential equations on Grassmanian manifolds
March 10, 1999

Maths Tower, UMIST

2.00 pm
Organiser: Prof. David Broomhead
( Dept. of Mathematics, UMIST)
Half Day Meeting on Biomathematics
March 17, 1999
2.30 pm
Prof. Wayne Enright
( Dept. of Computer Science, Univ. of Toronto)
The efficient computation of accurate approximate solutions of partial differential equations at off-mesh points
4.00 pm
Dr. Tim Phillips
( Dept. of Maths, Univ. of Aberystwyth)
Compatible Approximation Spaces for the Velocity-Pressure-Stress Formulation for Creeping Flows
March 24, 1999
4.00 pm
Prof. Boris Malomed
( Faculty of Engineering, Tel Aviv University)
Dissipative effects in a nonlinear wave system with an unstable linear spectrum
Easter Break
April 21, 1999
2.30 pm
Dr. Daniel Feltham
( Dept. of Chemical Engineering, UMIST)
Flow-induced morphological instability of a mushy layer with application to sea ice
4.00 pm
Dr. Ricardo Carretero-Gonzalez
( Centre for Nonlinear Dynamics and its Applications, Univ. College London)
On the thermodynamic limit for discrete spatio-temporal systems
April 28, 1999
4.00 pm
Prof. Axel Brandenburg
( Dept. of Mathematics, Univ. of Newcastle)
The inverse cascade in hydromagnetic numerical turbulence: from chaos to order
May 5, 1999
4.00 pm
Dr. Matthias Heil
( Dept. of Mathematics, Univ. of Manchester)
Airway Closure: Liquid Bridges in Non-Axisymmetrically Buckled Tubes.
May 12, 1999
2.30 pm
Dr. Rebecca Lingwood
( Dept. of Engineering, University of Cambridge)
Experimental study of the stability of the Bödewadt layer
4.00 pm
Dr. Chris Davies
( School of Mathematical and Information Sciences, Coventry University)
Numerical simulation of boundary-layer disturbance evolution
May 26, 1999 Room 2.08, Mathematics Building, Oxford Road
4.00 pm
Dr. Jessica Gaines
( Department of Mathematics & Statistics, University of Edinburgh)
Pathwise solution of stochastic differential equations (SDE's)
June 15, 1999 Room 2.10, Mathematics Building, Oxford Road
2.30 pm
Prof. Xuerong Mao
(Strathclyde University)
LaSalle-type theorems for SDDEs
June 30, 1999 Room 1.10, Mathematics Building, Oxford Road
4.00 pm
Prof. Dmitri Sokoloff
(Moscow University)
The screw dynamo and the current status of the dynamo experiment at Perm
July 12, 1999 Room OF/B9 in Oddfellows Hall
2.30 pm
Prof. Ash Kapila
(Mathematical Sciences, RPI, U.S.A.)
Detonations Provoked by Gradients: an Asymptotic and Numerical Study
4.00 pm
Dr. Guy Joulin
(ENSMA, France)
Flame Balls Subjected to Oscillating Velocity Gradients
July 14, 1999 Room OF/B9 in Oddfellows Hall
3.00 pm
Prof. Howard A Levine
(Iowa State University)
Mathematical Modeling of Capillary Formation and Development in Tumor Angiogenesis

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