Manchester Applied Mathematics and Numerical Analysis Seminars

Spring 2000

Unless stated otherwise, the seminars are held on Wednesdays in lecture theatre OF/B9 in Oddfellows Hall which is part of the Material Sciences complex.

February 9, 2000 Room 2-16, Maths Tower, Oxford Road

4.00 pm
Dr. Nico Gray
(Dept. of Mathematics, University of Manchester)
Particle size segregation, shock waves and pattern formation in rapid granular flows
February 11, 2000 Special Seminar Room 1-06, Maths Tower, Oxford Road
2.00 pm
Prof. Igor I. Lipatov
Some aspects of the viscous-inviscid interaction in 3D flows
February 16, 2000 No Seminar (Board meetings)
February 23, 2000

4.00 pm
Prof. David Halpern
(Dept. of Mathematics, University of Alabama)
The saturation of the Rayleigh-Taylor instability
March 1, 2000
4.00 pm
Prof. Jack Carr
(Dept. of Mathematics, Heriot-Watt University)
The dynamics of phase transitions
March 8, 2000

4.00 pm
Dr. Sergei Timoshin
(Dept. of Mathematics, UCL)
Feedback instabilities in boundary-layer flows
March 15, 2000
2.30 pm
Dr. Michael Tretyakov
(Dept. of Mathematics, UMIST)
Numerical solution of Dirichlet problems for semilinear parabolic equations based on probability approach
4.00 pm
Dr. Jan Cilliers
(Dept. of Chemical Engineering, UMIST)
A Mathematical Model of Flotation Froths
March 17, 2000 Special Seminar Room G-07, Maths Tower, Oxford Road
4.00 pm
Prof. Luca Diegi
(School of Mathematics , Georgia Tech; currently at the University of Florence)
Computation of Lyapunov exponents of linear systems: Overview and algorithms
March 22, 2000

4.00 pm
Dr. Oliver Harlen
(Dept. of Applied Mathematics, University of Leeds)
Molecular Pom-poms: the flow of branched polymer melts
March 29, 2000
4.00 pm
Prof. Arieh Iserles
(DAMTP , Cambridge University)
Computation in Lie Groups
April 5, 2000
4.00 pm
Dr. Vanessa Styles
(School of Computing & Mathematical Sciences , Oxford Brookes University)
Analysis of vortex density models in superconductivity
April 12, 2000 Special Seminar Room 2-13, Maths Tower, Oxford Road

3.00 pm
Prof. Gregory Vilensky
(Marine Equipment, St. Peterburg, Russia)
3D boundary-layer flow past a rib

4.00 pm
Dr. Anjulika Verma
(School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Birmingham)
Motion of an explosion bubble close to a deformable structure
Easter Break and at UMIST
May 3, 2000
2.30 pm
Dr. David Kay
(School of Mathematical Sciences , University of Sussex)
An iterative solver for the Navier-Stokes equations in two and three dimensions
4.00 pm
Dr. Bill Lionheart
(Dept. of Mathematics, UMIST)
The Inverse Conductivity Problem -- Analysis, Geometry and Applications
May 10, 2000 No Seminar (Board meetings)
May 17, 2000

4.00 pm
Dr. Darren Crowdy
(Dept. of Mathematics , Imperial College)
Hele-Shaw Flows and Water Waves
July 11, 2000
Room 2-08, Maths Tower, Oxford Road

2.30 pm
Prof. M.R. Foster
(Dept. of Aerospace Engineering, Applied Mechanics & Aviation, The Ohio State University)
The Effects of Rotation on Bridgman Crystal Growth

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