Current teaching (2020/21, 2021/22)
Algebraic Structures 1
I teach a second year course in algebra in semester 1.

Past teaching

Foundations of Pure Maths (2017/8, 2018/9, 2019/20)
I taught a first year course in foundational topics of pure mathematics.

Galois Theory (2019/20)
I taught a fourth year/masters level course on Galois theory.

Number Theory (2013/4, 2014/5, 2015/6)
I taught a third year course in elementary number theory.

Mathematics 0C2 (2013/4, 2014/5, 2015/6, 2016/7)
I taught a basic course in calculus and algebra to Foundation year students.

First year feedback supervisions
I regularly teach first year supervision classes in Foundations of Pure Mathematics and Linear Algbra.

CICADA Graduate course (2011/2)
I gave a mini-course on tropical linear algebra, as part of the CICADA graduate course.

Project supervision
  • I have supervised the project work of undergraduate and graduate (MSc and PhD) students, including two MSc dissertations, and one PhD thesis.
  • If you are a current undergraduate or prospective MSc. or PhD student, I'd be happy to chat with you about possible projects.