marianne johnson

This is the website of Marianne Johnson. I am a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Manchester.

I am a member of the tropical mathematics research group here in Manchester. Together with researchers at the universities of Birmingham, Warwick, Queen Mary University of London and Swansea we form an LMS Joint Research Network.

In my previous positions I have worked with:
Dr Mark Kambites on the EPSRC funded research project 'Multiplicative Structure of Tropical Matrix Algebra';
Dr Karin Erdmann, Professor Roger Bryant and Professor Ralph Stöhr on the EPSRC funded research project 'Modular Lie powers and applications';
and Professor Dave Broomhead and Professor Steve Furber as part of the CICADA project.

My research interests cover a broad range of topics in algebra and combinatorics including free Lie algebras, representation theory, semigroup theory, and tropical algebra and geometry.