Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Group Dr Julie Gough

Positions Available

Please find below details of any PhD studentships or Postdoctoral research positions available.

Please contact me via email for further information.

PhD Studentships

  1. Control of cell shape via micropatterning: In collaboration with Dr Rein Ulijn.
  2. Stereolithography for 3-D fabrication of porous scaffolds: In collaboration with Dr Paul Mummery and Prof. Brian Derby.
  3. Bone tissue engineering using embryonic stem cells and bioactive glass: In collaboration with Dr Cathy Merry.
  4. Cell responses to nanostructured hydroxyapatite: In collaboration with Dr Ping Xiao.
  5. Micro- and nanoporous bioceramic scaffolds for bone tissue engineering. In collaboration with Ian Kinloch.
  6. Nanoparticulate biomaterials: Toxicity and cellular response. In collaboratin with Paul Christian.

Some studentships are available via the North West Nanoscience Doctoral Training Centre. Please contact me for more information.

Postdoctoral Positions

None available at present

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