2022/2023, Semester 1: Mathematical Logic (MATH33021)

Lecturers: Omar León Sánchez and Marcus Tressl

This course is a 20 credits level 3 course and has a space on BlackBoard. The University page of this course may be found here but that page is often not up to date.

The course has two continuations at level 4: Model Theory and Set Theory. It will also be useful for the course Computation and Complexity.

Prerequisites and a Course Outline may be found here.

Talk on Mathematical Logic. Here is a one hour talk around mathematical logic intended for second year mathematics students in the Manchester Mathematics Society. The talk is not literally an outline of the course, but should give you an impression of what we are after.

Delivery. The course will be taught in classical form, i.e. through in person lectures (three per week) and a tutorial. All lectures will be podcasted.

Excerpt of lecture notes and example sheets. Notes for the first week and accompanying example sheet. You will have to work through a comparable amount of material each week.

The learning plan and all study material can be accessed on the BlackBoard platform. Warmup questions for the start of the course together with some general advice on what is expected from students on this module may be found here.

Textbooks: Self contained notes will be provided. A variety of other sources is available online from the library (We recommend the books of Goldrei and Prestel-Delzell if you want to get a first impression): Assessment. There will be two tests and a final exam as follows:
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