2018/2019, Semester 1: Mathematical Logic (MATH33011)

Lecturer: Marcus Tressl

School websites of the course: 33011

This course has several continuations at level 4: Model Theory, Set Theory and Gödel's Theorems.

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of Predicate Logic as as for example taught at the end of the course MATH20302. The precise reference is: Sections 9-13 in MATH20302.pdf

Monday 10-11 in Alan Turing G.209.
Tuesday 10-11 in Alan Turing G.205.
Tuesday 11-12 in Alan Turing G.209. This will be the tutorial in most weeks.

On the exam, only chapters 1--3 will be asked. There are several proofs and items in chapters 1--3 that are also not examinable, this is noted in the text.

Lecture Notes Example Sheets (Solutions)

Warmup Questions for Set Theory.
Warmup Questions for Model Theory.

There were two in-class tests (each weighting 10% in the unit). They have been returned in the tutorials. Feedback was given in the tutorials.

Past exam papers can be found here.

Textbooks: Self contained notes will be provided. A variety of other sources is listed here.
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