Past Manchester Algebra Seminars

Autumn 2015

22nd September Alexander Perepechko (Saint Petersburg) Automorphism groups of affine varieties (Abstract) First in a series of three lectures, to be continued at 3.15 and 4.15 on 24th September

29th September Goran Malic (Manchester) Themes from Grothendieck's Esquisse (Abstract)

6th October Julia Sauter (Bielefeld) On quiver Grassmannians and orbit closures for representation-finite algebras (Abstract)

13th October Sasha Premet (Manchester) Maximal subalgebras of exceptional Lie algebras in positive characteristic (Abstract)

20th October Ellen Henke (Aberdeen) Subcentric linking systems (Abstract)

27th October Cheryl Praeger (Western Australia) Infinite permutation groups with all infinite normal subgroups transitive (Abstract)

READING WEEK - Joint seminar with geometry: Thursday 5th November Alexandre Zvonkine (LaBRI, Université de Bordeaux) Galois theory of weighted trees

10th November Nicole Snashall (Leicester) Generalisations of Koszul algebras and the Ext algebra (Abstract)

17th November Gerald Williams (Essex) Finite groups arising in the study of asphericity (Abstract)

24th November Inna Capdeboscq (Warwick) Generating and presenting Kac-Moody groups (Abstract)

1st December Dan Segal (Oxford) Power subgroups and open subgroups in profinite groups (Abstract)

8th December Rishi Vyas (Ben Gurion) A noncommutative Matlis-Greenlees-May equivalence

15th December Charles Eaton (Manchester) An atlas of blocks?


Spring 2015

6th January Maurice Chiodo (Universite de Neuchatel) The computational complexity of torsion for finitely presented groups (Abstract)

27th January Martin Kalck (University of Edinburgh) Relative singularity categories (Abstract)

3rd February Charles Eaton (University of Manchester) Morita equivalence classes of blocks

10th February Alexey Petukhov (University of Manchester) Gelfand-Kirillov conjecture for W-algebras(Abstract)

17th February Roger Plymen (University of Southampton) On the local Langlands correspondence for SL_n (Abstract)

24th February Lidia Angeleri Hügel (Università degli Studi di Verona) Silting modules (Abstract)

3rd March Melanie de Boeck (University of Kent) The structure of Foulkes modules for the symmetric group(Abstract)

10th March Hendrik Suess (Manchester) Frobenius splittings on a variety with torus action

17th March DOUBLE-HEADER!!! Both in Frank Adams 1

14:00 David Ploog (Universität Bonn) Spherelike objects (Abstract)

16:00 Nathan Broomhead (Leibniz Universität Hannover) Discrete derived categories and Bridgeland stability (Abstract)

14th April Pawel Gladki (University of Silesia) Witt equivalence of function fields over global fields (Abstract)

21st April Lorna Gregory (University of Manchester) Interpretation functors, representation type and undecidability (Abstract)

28th April Sian Fryer (University of Leeds) Comparing the prime spectrum of a quantized coordinate ring with the Poisson-prime spectrum of its semi-classical limit (Abstract)

5th May Gwyn Bellamy (University of Glasgow) Cuspidal Lusztig families and cuspidal Calogero-Moser families (Abstract)

7th-8th May Artin Meeting Details here

12th May Collin Bleak (University of St. Andrews) On automorphisms of the Higman groups G_{n,r} and of the full one sided shift on n-letters (Abstract)

19th May Balazs Szendroi (University of Oxford) Motivic Donaldson-Thomas series of deformed Calabi-Yau geometries (Abstract)

20th May Pure mathematics colloquium - details here

26th May Maxim Nazarov (University of York) Lax operator for Macdonald symmetric functions (Abstract)

EXTRA SEMINAR!!!! 14th July Jeremy Russell (The College of New Jersey) Applications of the Satellites and the Defect to Representation Theory (Abstract)


Autumn 2014

30th September Stephane Launois/b> (University of Kent) Efficient recognition of totally nonnegative cells

7th October Mike Prest (University of Manchester) Infinite-dimensional representations of (domestic) string algebras

8th October Brian Hartley Day

14th October Kristin Arnesen (Trondheim) The Auslander-Reiten structure of the derived category of certain algebras (Abstract)

21st October Dmitriy Rumynin (University of Warwick) D-Modules on Projective Stacks (Abstract)

4th November Ilke Canakci (University of Leicester) Clusters and triangulations (Abstract)

11th November Haralampos Geranios (University of York) Composition Factors of Tensor Products of Truncated Symmetric Powers (Abstract)

18th November NOTE ROOM CHANGE - G209 Jan Foniok (MMU) Adjoint functors in graph theory (Abstract)

25th November Steve Donkin (University of York) Invariants of Specht modules (Abstract)

2nd December Susan Sierra (University of Edinburgh) Quivers and representations of locally finite Lie algebras (Abstract)

9th December Toby Stafford (previously scheduled speaker is ill) (University of Manchester) Higher symmetries and differential operators (Abstract)


Spring 2014

28th January Andrew Davies (Manchester) Cocycle twists of Sklyanin algebras (Abstract)

4th February Yuri Bazlov (Manchester) Super-harmonics

11th February Nham Ngo (Lancaster) On the cohomology ring of Frobenius kernels (Abstract)

18th February Peter Rowley (Manchester) Maximal Subgroup Hunting

25th February Jeff Burdges (St. Andrews) Algorithmic small cancellation theory

4th March Mark Wildon (Royal Holloway) Derangements in transitive permutation groups (Abstract)

11th March Toby Stafford (Manchester) Classifying Noncommutative surfaces---the case of subalgebras of the Sklyanin algebra

18th March David Pauksztello (Manchester) An introduction to discrete derived categories (Abstract)

25th March Markus Linckelmann (City) A characterisation of nilpotent blocks (Abstract)

1st April Marta Mazzocco (Loughborough) Painleve equations, Cherednik algebras and q-Askey scheme (Abstract)

29th April Brent Pym (Oxford) Quantum deformations of projective three-space (Abstract)

6th May David Ward (Manchester) Wreath products of cyclic groups (Abstract)

13th May Alexandre Borovik (Manchester) Black box algebra (Abstract)

20th May Lutz Hille (Münster) The derived category in global dimension two (Abstract)

27th May Ghislain Fourier (Glasgow) Posets, symmetric functions and filtrations (Abstract)

3rd June Dan Vasey (Manchester) Automorphisms of cubic graphs and amalgams (Abstract)


Autumn 2013

24th September Peter Symonds (Manchester) Finite subgroups of the Nottingham group and Katz-Gabber covers

1st October Ben Martin (Auckland) Representations of finite groups in reductive algebraic groups (Abstract)

8th October Tim Dokchitser (Bristol) Brauer relations in finite groups

15th October Matthew Towers (Kent) Poisson and Hochschild cohomology and the semiclassical limit (Abstract) + Introductory seminar at 2.30pm in Frank Adams 2

22nd October Ivo Herzog (Ohio State) Finite powers of the phantom ideal (Abstract)

22nd October Sian Fryer (Manchester) The q-Division Ring and its Fixed Rings (Abstract)

5th November John Britnell (Imperial) Perfect commuting graphs (Abstract)

12th November Peter Kropholler (Southampton) Homology and cohomology of solvable groups of finite rank (Abstract)

19th November Emilie Dufresne (Durham) Separating invariants and local cohomology (Abstract)

26th November Simon Goodwin (Birmingham) Whittaker coinvariants in category O for gl(m|n) (Abstract)

1pm MONDAY 2nd December NOTE CHANGE OF DATE AND TIME Alexander Grishkov (São Paulo) Groups with triality

10th December Alex Bartel (Warwick) Rational representations and permutation representations of finite groups


Spring 2013

29th January Evgeny Khukhro Counterexamples to a rank analogue of the Shepherd--Leedham-Green--McKay theorem on finite $p$-groups of maximal class (Abstract)

5th February John Ballantyne (Manchester) Computing Centralisers of Involutions in Finite Groups (Abstract)

12th February Ben Fairbairn (Birkbeck) A Survey of Beauville Surfaces, Structures and Groups (Abstract)

19th February Robert Wilson (Queen Mary) The Suzuki groups (Abstract)

26th February Robert Marsh (Leeds) Reflection group presentations arising from cluster algebras (Abstract) + Preseminar 2pm, G108 An introduction to cluster algebras (Abstract)

5th March Alexandre Borovik (Manchester) Oracles and revelations (Abstract)

12th March Charles Eaton (Manchester) 2-blocks with elementary abelian defect groups

19th March Martin Liebeck (Imperial) Simple groups and magic words

2nd April Michail Kochetov Gradings on Lie algebras

23rd April Gunnar Traustason (Bath) Symplectic alternating algebras

30th April Ian Leary (Southampton) Platonic triangle complexes (Abstract)

7th May Lewis Topley (Manchester) The sheets of a Lie algebra and finite W-algebras (Abstract)

14th May Alison Parker (Leeds) Cohomological growth rates for algebraic groups (Abstract)

21st May Sibylle Schroll (Leicester) Derived equivalences and the geometry of Brauer graph algebras (Abstract)

29th May Pure Mathematics Colloquium (Frank Adams 1) -

2pm Paul Martin (Leeds) Fun with partition categories - a geometrically defined extension of the Temperley-Lieb category in the Brauer category (Abstract)

3.30 Lasse Rempe-Gillen (Liverpool) Density of Axiom A in Arnol'd's standard family (Abstract)

4.30 Martin Widmer (Royal Holloway) Lattice points, volumes of projections, and o-minimality (Abstract)


Autumn 2012

22nd August Sergey Malev (Bar Ilan) Evaluation of non-commutative polynomials on matrix algebras (Abstract)

2nd October Dmitry Kaledin (Steklov Mathematical Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences) Hochschild-Witt complex (Abstract)

9th October Andrey Lazarev (Lancaster) Derived deformation theory and rational homotopy (Abstract)

16th October David Craven (Birmingham) The Brauer trees of finite groups (Abstract)

23rd October Michael Bate (York) Fixed points in spherical buildings (and why I care about them) (Abstract)

6th November Marianne Johnson (Manchester) An excursion to the tropics (Abstract)

13th November Ulrich Kraehmer (Glasgow) On the Dolbeault-Dirac operator of a quantised Hermitian symmetric space (Abstract)

20th November Igor Dolinka (Novi Sad) The finite basis problem for unary matrix semigroups (Abstract)

27th November (ROOM CHANGE - G209) John Wilson (Oxford) Diameters of Cayley graphs of soluble groups

4th December Konstantin Ardakov (Queen Mary) Quantised rigid analytic cotangent bundles (Abstract)

11th December Charlie Beil (State University of New York, Stoney Brook) Morita equivalences from Higgsing toric superpotential algebras (Abstract)


Spring 2012

7th February Charles Eaton (Manchester) Donovan's conjecture

14th February Shigeo Koshitani (Chiba) Alperin-Scott modules in representation theory of finite groups

21st February Mark Kambites (Manchester) Tropical Polytopes, Modules and Idempotents

28th February Yuri Bazlov (Manchester) Cocycle twists of group-graded algebras and of Cherednik algebras

13th March Mike Prest (Manchester) Krull-Gabriel dimension of string algebras

20th March Alexander Quintero Valez (Glasgow) Cohomology of commutative 3-cells of consistent dimer models (Abstract)

17th April Martina Balagovic (York) Representations of rational Cherednik algebras in positive characteristic (Abstract)

24th April Nadia Mazza (Lancaster) On Knörr lattices (Abstract)

1st May Athirah Nawawi (Manchester) Diameters of Commuting Graphs for Elements of Order Three in Symmetric Groups

8th May Joseph Grant (Leeds) Derived autoequivalences and the braid relations

15th May Moty Katzman (Sheffield) Test Ideals and Singularities (Abstract)

22nd May Michael Bate (York) CANCELLED!!! Fixed points in spherical buildings (and why I care about them) (Abstract)

29th May Tim Crinion (Manchester) The Petersen Geometries (Abstract)


Autumn 2011

27th Sept Gwyn Bellamy (Manchester) Rational Cherednik algebras at t = 0 (Abstract) Preseminar 2pm, Frank Adams 2, Algebras that are finite over their centre

4th Oct Yuri Bazlov (Manchester) New nil Hecke algebras

Monday 10th Oct, 3PM AITKEN LECTURE Geoff Whittle (Wellington) Well-quasi-ordering Binary Matroids (abstract)

11th Oct Tomoyuki Arakawa (RIMS, Kyoto) Affine W-algebras 

18th Oct Guillaume Pouchin (Edinburgh) Higgs algebras of weighted projective lines and loop crystals (abstract) Preseminar 2pm (provisional)

25th Oct Alastair Craw (Glasgow) Noncommutative toric geometry (Abstract)


8th Nov Evgeny Khukhro Finite groups admitting Frobenius groups of automorphisms with fixed-point-free kernels

15th Nov Jean-Eric Pin (LIAFA and Paris 7) A Mahler's theorem for functions from words to integers (abstract)

22nd Nov Pornrat Ruengrot (Manchester) Perfect isometry groups (abstract)

29th Nov Peter Rowley (Manchester) X-posets

6th Dec Olivier Dudas (Oxford) Quotient of Deligne-Lusztig varieties (abstract) + Preseminar 2pm, Frank Adams 2

13th Dec


Spring 2011

1st Feb Anton Evseev (Queen Mary) A refinement of the McKay conjecture for arbitrary finite groups + Pre-seminar at 1pm, Frank Adams 2

8th Feb Mark Kambites (Manchester) Monoids acting by isometric embeddings

15th Feb Charles Eaton (Manchester) Recognising nilpotent blocks + Pre-seminar at 1pm, Frank Adams 2

1st Mar Travis Schedler (MIT) Computational approaches to Poisson traces on quotient singularities (Abstract)

8th Mar Guntram Hainke (Birmingham) Generalized spin representations (Abstract) + Pre-seminar at 1pm, Frank Adams 2

15th Mar Matthew Clarke (Cambridge) Lusztig's unipotent pieces and geometric invariant theory

Monday 21st Mar, 1pm Elizabeth Frenkel Regular sets and counting in free groups (Abstract)

29th Mar Arkady Berenstein (Oregon) Littlewood-Richardson coefficients for reflection groups (Abstract)

5th Apr Roger Bryant (Manchester) Block components of the Lie module for the symmetric group

3rd May Charles Eaton (Manchester) Counting conjectures in representation theory

10th May Paul Flavell (Birmingham) A new proof of the Nonsolvable Signalizer Functor Theorem (Abstract)

17th May Alexandre Borovik (Manchester) Pseudofinite groups and Larsen-Pink Theorem

24th May Jonathan Smith (Iowa State) Representation Theory of Quasigroups (Abstract) + Pre-seminar at 1pm, Frank Adams 2

31st May Bob Sandling (Manchester) Algebraic Steenrod squaring (Abstract)

7th June Maria Chlouveraki (Edinburgh) Construction of basic sets and cell modules for Hecke algebras 
from Cherednik algebras + Pre-seminar at 2pm, Frank Adams 2

14th June Thorsten Weist (Wuppertal) Tree modules (Abstract)


Autumn 2010

28th Sept Yuri Bazlov (Manchester) Mystic reflection groups

5th Oct Bill Crawley-Boevey (Leeds) Monodromy for systems of vector bundles and a special case of Hilbert's 21st problem

12th Oct David Jordan (Sheffield) From periodic quiver mutation to cyclically quantized Weyl algebras

19th Oct Jan Grabowski (Oxford) Quantizing Grassmannians, Schubert cells and cluster algebras

26th Oct Peter Rowley (Manchester) 2-minimal subgroups in groups of Lie type


9th Nov Brian Parshall (Virginia) Bounding Ext (Abstract)

16th Nov Michael Wemyss (Oxford) Maximal Modification Algebras (Room change - G114)

23rd Nov Serge Bouc (Picardie) The sectional Burnside ring of a finite group (Abstract)

30th Nov John Ballantyne (Manchester)

7th Dec Ali Everett (Manchester) Commuting Involution Graphs of some Symplectic Groups (Abstract)

14th Dec Grant Walker (Manchester) Some representations of G_168 (Abstract)


Spring 2010

26th Jan Peter Webb (Minnesota) The representation type of EI categories  
2nd Feb Oleg Chalykh (Leeds) 'Double derivations and Cherednik algebras for algebraic curves Abstract
9th Feb Hovik Khudaverdian (Manchester) Polynomials on matrices, rational functions, and Berezinians Abstract
16th Feb Shahn Majid (Queen Mary) Lie theory of finite simple groups and quasigroups Abstract
23rd Feb Ken Brown (Glasgow) On the ubiquity of (Auslander) Gorenstein rings Abstract
2nd Mar Alexandre Borovik (Manchester) Pseudofinite groups and groups of finite Morley rank Abstract
9th Mar Sinead Lyle (UEA) Rank Polynomials  
16th Mar Alina Vdovina (Newcastle) Cayley graph expanders, pro-p-groups and buildings Abstract
23rd Mar Adrien Deloro (Paris VI) Definable representations of algebraic groups Abstract
20th April Chris Parker (Birmingham) Beauville Groups  
27th April Mike Prest (Manchester) Linear algebra over rings  
4th May Andrei Marcus (Babes-Bolyai) Crossed products, Brauer groups and Clifford classes Abstract
11th May James East (Sydney) Braids and transformation semigroups Abstract
18th May Anne Thomas (Oxford) Surface quotients of hyperbolic buildings Abstract
25th May Richard Harland (Manchester) Superdecomposable modules over Tubular Algebras Abstract


Autumn 2009

29th Sep Nadia Mazza (Lancaster) p-Groups with maximal elementary abelian subgroups of rank 2 Abstract

6th Oct Robert Marsh(Leeds) Cluster mutation-periodic quivers and associated Laurent sequences Abstract

13th Oct Paul Levy (Lancaster) Automorphisms of simple Lie algebras Abstract

20th Oct Evgeny Khukhro (Novosibirsk) Applications of Lie rings with finite cyclic grading

27th Oct Geordie Williamson (Oxford) Knot homology and geometric representation theory Abstract

10th Nov Marianne Johnson (Manchester) Periodicity of Adams operations on the Green ring of a finite group Abstract

17th Nov Alison Parker (Leeds) Some properties of the blob algebra

24th Nov Roger Plymen (Manchester) Geometric structure in the representation theory of p-adic groups Abstract

1st Dec Stephen Clegg (Manchester) Chamber systems for some symmetric groups Abstract

8th Dec Raf Bocklandt (Newcastle) Calabi Yau algebras and Quiver polyhedra Abstract

15th Dec Peter Rowley (Manchester) Isolated Subgroups in Finite Groups Abstract

Spring 2009

27th January Jorge Almeida (Porto) Taming pseudovarieties of groups

3rd February Alexander Borovik (Manchester) Finite groups, black box groups, algebraic groups

10th February Alexander Molev (Sydney) Littlewood-Richardson polynomials

17th February Alexander Kleshchev (Oregon) Graded representation theory of symmetric groups (Abstract)

24th February Catharina Stroppel (Bonn) Explicit construction of convolution algebras arising from Springer fibres (Abstract)

3rd March Corneliu Hoffman (Birmingham) Curtis-Tits like amalgams (Abstract)

10th March Gerhard Roehrle (Bochum) Serre's notion of complete reducibility, geometric invariant theory and Tits' centre conjecture

17th March Chelsea Walton (Manchester) Generalizing twisted homogeneous coordinate rings (Abstract)

24th March Paul Taylor (Manchester) Computing normalizers of 2-subgroups in black-box groups (Abstract)

21st April Ralph Stöhr (Manchester) Modular Lie powers of relation modules and free central extensions of groups (Abstract)

28th April Benjamin Klopsch (Royal Holloway) Deformations and rigidity of lattices in soluble Lie groups (Abstract)

5th May Richard Sharp (Manchester) Entropy and distortion for automorphisms of free groups (Abstract)

12th May Sarah Hart (Birkbeck) Sum-free sets in groups (Abstract)

19th May John Cossey (Canberra) Soluble products of finite groups (Abstract)

26th May Claudio Procesi (Roma) From splines to the index theorem (Abstract)

2nd June Joe Chuang (City) Algebra with surfaces (Abstract)

Autumn 2008

30th September Toby Stafford (Manchester) Cherednik algebras and differential operators on symmetric spaces

7th October Maxim Nazarov (York) Mickelsson algebras and irreducible representations of Yangians (Abstract)

14th October Kevin McGerty  (Imperial) Hall algebras and Quantum Frobenius (Abstract)

21st October Tom Lenagan (Edinburgh) Totally positive matrices (Abstract)

28th October John MacQuarrie (Manchester) Modular representation theory of profinite groups (Abstract)

11th November Martin Liebeck (Imperial) The Ore Conjecture

18th November Brent Everitt (York) Coloured poset homology

25th November Peter Symonds (Manchester) On the Castelnuovo-Mumford regularity of rings of polynomial invariants (Abstract)

2nd December Derek Holt (Warwick) Maximal Subgroups of Finite Groups

9th December Susanne Danz (Oxford) Vertices of simple modules for symmetric groups

16th December David Towers (Lancaster) Elementary Lie Algebras (Abstract)

Spring 2008

5th February Ivan Losev (Belarusian State University) Quantized symplectic actions and W-algebras (Abstract)

12th February Mark Kambites (Manchester) The word problem is not so hard after all

19th February Jeanne Scott (Leeds) Quiver flag varieties for the affine preprojective algebra
and related combinatorics

26th February Evgeny Khukhro (Cardiff) Large automorphically-invariant ideals and characteristic subgroups satisfying multilinear identities

4th March Grant Walker (Manchester) The flag representation of GL(n,F_2) (Abstract)

11th March Paul Baum (Penn State) Morita equivalence revisited (Abstract)

8th April Susan Sierra (Michigan) Graded Morita theory and the first Weyl algebra (Abstract)

15th April John Fountain (York) Reflection monoids (Abstract)

22nd April Vanessa Miemietz (Oxford) Polynomial representations of GL_2

29th April Gennady Puninskiy (Manchester) Certain rings of geometric origin and projective modules over universal localizations

6th May Peter Rowley (Manchester) Diameter of the Monster Graph (Abstract)

13th May Oliver King (Newcastle) The subgroup structure of finite classical groups in terms of geometric

20th May Richard Weidmann (Heriot-Watt) Maps onto virtually free groups

27th May Kay Magaard (Birmingham) Constructive Recognition of Lie Type Groups (Abstract)

3rd June Marianne Johnson (Manchester) On torsion in free central extensions of groups (Abstract)

10th June B. Sury (ISI, Bangalore) Central extensions of p-adic groups (Abstract)

17th June Luchezar Avramov (Nebraska-Lincoln) Square-zero matrices over commutative rings

Summer and autumn 2007

21st August Gretchen Ostheimer (Hofstra University) Formal Languages and the Word Problem

25th September Sara Westreich (Bar-Ilan) Fourier transforms and Verlinde formula for Hopf algebras

2nd October Britta Späth (Kaiserslautern) The McKay-conjecture for exceptional groups of Lie-type

9th October Toby Stafford (Manchester) Cherednik algebras and Hilbert schemes of points

16th October Jeremie Guilhot (Aberdeen) On the lowest two-sided cell in affine Weyl group(Abstract)

23rd October Yuri Bazlov (Warwick) Regular and Modular Dunkl operators

30th October Rudolf Tange (York) A double centraliser theorem for the symplectic group(Abstract)

6th November Alexandre Zalesski (UEA) On the Tensor Product of the Weil and the Steinberg representations

13th November Erik Pickett (Manchester) Orthonormal Bases For the Square Root of the Inverse Different(Abstract)

20th November Susanne Pumpluen (Nottingham) How to extend classical results from the theory of quadratic forms to forms of higher degree(Abstract)

27th November Ralf Gramlich (Darmstadt)

4th December Karin Erdmann (Oxford) Title TBA

11th December Eamonn O'Brien (Auckland) Using involution centralisers in linear group algorithms (Abstract)

Spring Semester 2007

30th January Rick Thomas (Leicester) FA-presentable structures (Abstract)

6th February John Britnell (Newcastle) Generating function methods for linear groups over finite fields (Abstract)

20th February Frank Himstedt (München) Low-dimensional representations of Steinberg's triality groups

27th February Ralph Stohr (Manchester) The equation [x,u]+[y,v]=0 in free Lie algebras (Abstract)

6th March Meinolf Geck (Aberdeen) Modular representations of Hecke algebras

13th March Maud Devisscher (City) Blocks of the Brauer algebra (Abstract)

20th March John Murray (Maynooth) Symmetric functions, Specht modules and Kleshchev's socle of restriction theorem (Abstract)

17th April Alexander Odesskii (Manchester) Algebraic structures connected with pairs of compatible associative algebras (Abstract)

24th April Rachel Camina (Cambridge) Schemes and the IP-graph (Abstract)

1st May Paul Martin (City) Brauer algebra II -- beyond the blocks

8th May John Truss (Leeds) Representing words in some infinite permutation groups

15th May Rebecca Waldecker (Birmingham) Isolated involutions in finite groups (Abstract)

22nd May Luda Markus-Epstein (Technion - Israel Institute of Technology) Algorithmic problems in fundamental groups of finite graphs of finite groups (Abstract)

5th June Sandro Mattarei (Trento and Nottingham) Character degrees and conjugacy class sizes of a finite group (Abstract)

Autumn Semester 2006

26th September Ross Lawther (Cambridge) 2F-modules, abelian sets of roots and 2-ranks

3rd October Grigory Garkusha (Manchester) Reconstructing affine and projective schemes from Serre subcategories

10th October Thomas Müller (Queen Mary) Classification and Statistics of Finite Index Subgroups in Free Products (The Poincaré-Klein Problem)

17th October Michael Bate (Oxford) A version of Clifford's theorem, and converses, for subgroups of algebraic groups

24th October Mark Wildon (Swansea) Some results on character values and decomposition matrices of symmetric groups (Abstract)

31st October Nikolay Dubrovin (Vladimir State University) Invertible matrices over the group ring of the universal covering of SL_2(R)

7th November Gerald Williams (Kent) Free subgroups in generalizations of Coxeter groups

14th November Charles Eaton (Manchester) Character correspondences and the Alperin-McKay conjecture (Abstract)

21st November Toby Stafford (Michigan) Noncommutative projective surfaces (Abstract)

28th November Bob Sandling (Manchester) A lattice in the Steenrod algebra (Abstract)

5th December Dan Segal (Oxford) Words

12th December Nadia Mazza (Aberdeen) The group of endotrivial modules in the cyclic case (Abstract)

Spring Semester 2006

31st January Sergey Shpectorov (Birmingham) Phan theory

7th February Paul Baum (Penn State) Non-commutative algebraic geometry and the Hecke algebra of reductive p-adic groups

14th February Alexander Premet (Manchester) Symmetric invariants of centralisers and Poisson algebras of Slodowy slices

21st February Simon Goodwin (Oxford) Unipotent conjugacy in finite groups of Lie type ( Abstract )

28th February Gunnar Traustason (Bath) Engel groups

Wed 8th March Will Turner (Oxford) Cubist algebras

14th March Sarah Rees (Newcastle) How good is Dehn's algorithm? ( Abstract )

21st March Catharina Stroppel (Glasgow) Serre functors in representation theory and an algebraic approach to Kapranov's conjecture ( Abstract )

28th March Agata Smoktunowitz (Edinburgh) On connections between noncommutative nil rings  and group theory ( Abstract )

29th March Manfred Schocker (Swansea) Set partitions and descents

25th April Alexander Moretó (Valencia) Complex group algebras and Brauer's problem number one

25th April Charudatta Hajarnavis (Warwick) Applications of symmetry in rings of finite global dimension

2nd May Nikolay Nikolov (Oxford) Finite simple groups as expanders ( Abstract )

9th May Karin Baur (Leicester) A class of gradings of simple Lie algebras ( Abstract )

16th May Matt Fayers (Queen Mary) Title TBA

23rd May Alison Parker (Leicester) Extensions between modules for sl_2.

25th May Barbara Baumeister (Berlin) Factorisations of groups

30th May Oksana Yakimova Coisotropic Hamiltonian actions, I

6th June - Oksana Yakimova Coisotropic Hamiltonian actions, II

6th June - Reg Allenby (Leeds) Higman, Neumann and Frattini (but not Seifert!)

Autumn Semester 2005

27th September Peter Neumann (Oxford) Smoothness of positive integers, permutations, polynomials and other paraphernalia ( Abstract )

4th October Marianne Johnson (Manchester) Standard tableaux and Klyachko's Theorem on Lie representations ( Abstract )

11th October Alexander Odesskii (Manchester) Quadratic algebras with Poincare-Birkhoff-Witt condition ( Abstract )

18th October Sibylle Schroll (Oxford) Modular Alvis-Curtis duality ( Abstract )

25th October Martin Edjvet (Nottingham) On cyclically presented groups ( Abstract )

1st November John Bray (Queen Mary) Symmetric presentations of some Leech lattice groups

 8th November Raphael Rouquier (Leeds) Loewy length and 2-rank ( Abstract )

15th November Martyn Quick (St. Andrews) Some groups which just aren't quite finite ( Abstract )

22nd November Inna Korchagina (Birmingham) Classification of Finite Simple Groups. Second Generation Proof. ( Abstract )

29th November Anton Cox (City) Towers of recollement and the Brauer algebra ( Abstract )

13th December Gennady Puninskiy (Manchester) Nonfinitely generated projective modules over some noetherian rings

Spring Semester 2005

1st February Iain Gordon (Glasgow) A(nother) non-commutative Hilbert scheme ( Abstract )

8th February Beth Holmes (Birmingham) Minimal factorisations of groups ( Abstract )

15th February Ken Brown (Glasgow) Noncommutative Iwasawa algebras ( Abstract )

22nd February Thorsten Holm (Leeds) ( Abstract ) Algebras, representations and explicit invariants

1st March Pavel Zalesskii (Brasília) Profinite surface groups and
the congruence subgroup problem for arithmetic subgroups in SL_2(R)
( Abstract )

8th March Jie Xiao (Tsinghua University, Beijing) Derived categories and Lie algebras

8th March Nicole Snashall (Leicester) ( Abstract ) Hochschild cohomology and support varieties

15th March Jeff Burdges (Birmingham) Odd type simple groups of finite Morley rank ( Abstract )

12th April Ben Green (Cambridge) Arithmetic progressions of primes ( Abstract )

19th April Paul Levy (Manchester) Involutions of reductive Lie algebras

26th April Roger Bryant (Manchester) Lie powers and symmetric powers of modules

3rd May Victoria Gould (York) Free groups, free inverse semigroups and some friends ( Abstract )

10th May Paul Flavell (Birmingham) A Hall-Higman-Shult type theorem for arbitrary finite groups
and some applications

17th May Yuri Bahturin (Newfoundland) Abelian Group Gradings on Simple Lie Algebras

17th May David Jordan (Sheffield) Invariants of the quantum torus and a quintization of $U(su_2)$ ( Abstract )

24th May Rudolf Tange (Manchester) The centre of quantum $sl_n$ at a root of unity ( Abstract )

31st May Joseph Chuang (Bristol) Representation theory with rhombus tilings

7th June Geoff Smith (Bath) Sums of squares and Euclidean geometry ( Abstract )

Autumn Semester 2004

28th September Charles Eaton (UMIST) Strongly p-solvable blocks Abstract

5th October Marcus du Sautoy (Oxford) Through the looking glass: groups from a number theoretic perspective Abstract

12th October Katrin Tent (Birmingham) BN-Pairs and the Moufang condition Abstract

19th October Shahn Majid (QMW) Riemannian geometry on algebras and quasialgebras Abstract

26th October Michael Vaughan-Lee (Oxford) Groups of order p^7 Abstract

2nd November Steve Donkin (QMW) On projective and injective polynomial modules Abstract

9th November Alan Camina (UEA) Recognising finite groups from their conjugacy class sizes Abstract

16th November Rowena Paget (Leicester) Defining Young modules for Brauer algebras Abstract

23rd November Mike Batty (Newcastle) Extending the Promise of the Deutsch-Jozsa-H ø yer Algorithm for Finite Groups Abstract

30th November Robert Wilson (QMW) Finite groups with small automorphism groups Abstract

7th December Eamonn O'Brien (Auckland) Effective algorithms for the study of linear groups Abstract

14th December Ran Levi (Aberdeen) TBA Abstract


Below are seminars in the 2003-2004 year. They were organised by Sarah Hart (at that time Sarah Perkins).

Programme for the Spring Semester 2004

Tuesdays at 4pm in room M12 of the MSS building at UMIST.


Programme for the Autumn Semester 2003

Tuesdays at 4pm in Room 2.17 of the Mathematics Building at the University of Manchester.  There is tea beforehand in the Brian Hartley room (6th floor) at 3:30.