MACE 42001: Computational Hydraulics

Academic year 2013-2014

Dr David Apsley


Teaching Materials

Lecture notes     Coursework
Governing equations 1. Introduction to CFD
2. Governing equations
3. Common approximations
Slides 1
Slides 2
Slides 3
Answers 1
Answers 2
Answers 3
The finite-volume method 4. The scalar-transport equation
5. The momentum equation
6. Time-dependent methods
Slides 4
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Slides 6
Answers 4
Answers 5
Answers 6
Turbulence modelling 7. Introduction to turbulence
8. Turbulence modelling
Slides 7
Slides 8
Answers 7
Answers 8
The CFD process 9. Pre- and post-processing Slides 9 Answers 9
Advanced - not taught to MEng: 10. Advanced turbulence modelling Slides 10 Answers 10
1. STAR CCM: introduction Typical issues
2. STREAM: bluff-body flows bluff.exe
3. STAR CCM: advanced  

Some Trial Software

As an interesting trial, revised versions of the second coursework are available to try out parallel processing. You will need to download (new files):
You will need to have the MPICH package installed for Microsoft Windows to run the parallel version of the code. (Use the appropriate "unofficial binary".) You will need to have smpd running, mpiexec available in the path and the relevant dlls in the Windows system directory.

Don't exceed the maximum number of processors on your PC or the number of blocks in the mesh when declaring the number of processors to be used.

Past Exam Papers

2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, Numerical answers

Recommended Books

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