Department of Chemical Engineering

I am Dr Thomas Rodgers, I am the former Discipline Head of Education for Chemical Engineering at The University of Manchester (2019-2022).

I am involved with teaching courses and also teaching research. This page provides some resources for some of these areas.

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Teaching Resources

Introduction to DPD and DL_MESO

The link below provides a brief introduction to DPD as a simulation technique and also some tutorials using DL_MESO,
DPD Introduction

Interactive Graphs

The link below provides a selection of interactive graphs around Chemical Reaction Engineering, Separations, and Fluid Mechanics,
Interactive Graphs

Taught Courses

Over the last few years I have taught a number of different modules, the notes for which can be found below:

Process Fluid Flow

This is a course covering hydrostatics, flow with ideal fluids, applications of Bernoulli's equatiion, momentum balances, friction losses, pumps, and open-channel flow.

Course Handbook

Introduction to Chemical Reaction Engineering

This is a course covering mole balance for reactors, extent of reaction and conversion in reactors, rate laws and stoichiometry, determination of rate law paramters, temperature dependence of reaction rates, and multiple reactions.

Course Handbook

Introduction to Heat Transfer

This is a course covering types of heat transfer, the general heat transfer equation, heat transfer by conduciton, heat transfer by convection, and application of heat transfer in chemical engineering. These notes are a bit rough and need some updating, so there maybe errors.

Course Handbook

Solids Processing

This is a part of a course, and the topics taught by me covered particle shape and size, single particle motion in fluids, settling and settlers, centrifuges, and cyclones.

Course Handbook

Advanced Engineering Separations

This is a course covering liquid-liquid extraction, multi-component distillation, distillation sequencing, and azeotropic distillation.

Course Handbook
Extra Material on Ternary Systems
YouTube Recordings

Introduction to Molecular Dynamics

This course provided an introduction to molecular dynamics coding, including a backround to molecular dynamcis, molecular interactions, practical spects of molecualar dynamics, and analysis of molecular dynamics simulations.

Course Handbook

Soft Matter Simulation

This course provided a brief introduction to soft matter systems and common methods used to simulate them at a variety of scales. These notes are a bit rough and need some updating, so there maybe errors.

Course Handbook

Chemical Engineering Design

This course was a short refresher course for students looking at mass and energy balances around a chemical reactor. A mass and energy balance problem is provided.

Course Handbook

Graduate Teaching Assistant Development

Over the past number of years I have been responsible for the development of training and mentoring for GTAs. This has involved looking at training courses and also support for AFHEA applications. More information can be found at the link below,

FSE GTA Training

Teaching Research

Practical Teaching

This is a project looking at how students prepare for and learn within labs. With key focus on:

  • Analysis of the advantages of pre-class and in-class teaching material in establishing personalised learning and learning effectiveness
  • Analysis of enhanced assessment methods and focused feedback allowing student to develop in a range of skills with a link to graduate attributes

Project Webpage

This project has also lead to the IChemE events on Hybrid Labs.

I therefore provide the Lab Based Teaching Section of FSE60004 Teaching Practice & Assessment Strategy for the University of Manchester New Academics Programme.

Teaching with Rich-Media

This is a project looking involvement of rich-media within teaching and how students use these materials. The main focus of this has been on videos and student use of these; however, there has also been the creation of some web-apps, e.g.:

Assessment and Feedback

This is a project looking at alternative assessment types and how student feedback can be improved. One key area is looking a peer marking and feedback.

I therefore provide the following training and development courses at the University of Manchester

  • FEPSS7005 Teaching for Researchers: Assessment and Feedback
  • FSESS8202 FSE GTA Marking and Feedback
  • FSESS8204 FSE GTA Teaching Skills
  • FSESS8210 FSE GTA Support for HEA fellowship applications

Teaching Awards