Dr Stef Jansen

doctoral supervision


I welcome enquiries for doctoral research that involves ethnographic investigations related to the following research themes:

- hope: transformations and unequal distributions of hope in contemporary post-Fordist, post-socialist, post-Cold War conjunctures
- the state: (trans)formations of statecraft, political subjectivity, hegemonic process, social inequality, conflict and struggle, affect, infrastructure, polity borders
- time and modernity: life rhythms and trajectories, (remembered) normality, nostalgia as critique
- home: belonging, displacement, entrapment in place
- (anti)nationalism: everyday configurations of nationality, nation and citizenship

For details on applications to the doctoral programme in Social Anthropology at the University of Manchester, click here.

current PhD supervision:

  1. Alexandra Ciocănel, 2018 (in progress): Financing the house of your dreams: mortgage credit and the making of time, value, and class in Bucharest (Romania) [second supervisor: Soumhya Venkatesan]
  2. Rozafa Berisha, 2017 (in progress): Futures in the making: youth, hope, and waiting in Southern Mitrovica (Kosova) [second supervisor: Michelle Obeid]
  3. Judy Thorne, 2016 (in progress): Hope and despair in the Greek crisis: an ethnography of utopia at the margins of Europe [second supervisor: Nicholas Thoburn]
  4. Anna Balázs, 2016 (in progress): An archaeology of utopia: the lived space of postsocialism in an East Ukrainian industrial city [second supervisor: Madeleine Reeves / William Wheeler]
  5. Francesco Montagnani, 2016 (in progress): Ethical juggling and the grey zone: exchanging favours in the Ballarò market [first supervisor: Angela Torresan]
  6. Laura Mafizzoli, 2017 (in progress): Gulag memoryscapes: narratives and practices of Gulag memory-making in contemporary Tbilisi [second supervisor: Madeleine Reeves]
  7. Sam Rumé, 2019 (in progress): Creating a 'tramway culture': conflicting mobilities and the politics of infrastructure in Cuenca, Ecuador [first supervisor: Penny Harvey]

past PhD supervision:

  1. Guilherme Moreira Fians, awarded PhD 2019: Of revolutionaries and geeks: mediation, space and time among Esperanto speakers [second supervisor: Angela Torresan]
  2. Juan Manuel Del Nido, awarded PhD 2018: Uber in Buenos Aires: the post-political as a modality of reasoning [second supervisor: Angela Torresan]
  3. Ahmad Moradi, awarded PhD 2018: Politics of persuasion: making and unmaking revolution in Iran [first supervisor: Michelle Obeid]
  4. Amelia Abercrombie, awarded PhD 2017: Purity and mixture: language and social relations among Roma in Prizren [co-supervisor: Yaron Matras]
  5. Milorad Kapetanović, awarded PhD 2017: Roadside architecture in Bosnia and Herzegovina between consumerism and vernacularity [Balkanski študiji, University of Ljubljana (SLO); first supervisor: Marjan Hočevar]
  6. Samar Kanafani, awarded PhD 2017: Institutional neglect and deliberate debris: an ethnography of urban renewal and the aesthetic of space in Beirut [first supervisor: Michelle Obeid]
  7. Deana Jovanović, awarded PhD 2016: Imagining the future and crafting life projects: ‘normality’ in a mining city in Eastern Serbia [second supervisor: Madeleine Reeves]
  8. Goran Dokić, awarded PhD 2015: Between warfare and welfare: veterans organisations and social security in rural Serbia [second supervisor: Tony Simpson]
  9. Ivan Rajković, awarded PhD 2015: Struggles for moral ground: problems with work and legitimacy in a Serbian industrial town [second supervisor: Madeleine Reeves]
  10. Vanja Čelebičić-Arielli, awarded PhD 2013: Waiting is hoping: youth and future in a Bosnian border town [second supervisor: Sarah Green]
  11. Andrew Hodges, awarded PhD 2013: The everyday geopolitics of science in post-Yugoslav space: from war and ‘transition’ to economic crisis [second supervisor: Penny Harvey]
  12. Cosmin Radu, awarded MPhil 2013: Crossings and dwellings, or the impossibility of the Black Box: the Romania-Yugoslavia border’s closings and openings, 1940s-1980s [second supervisor: Sarah Green]
  13. Valentina Moise, awarded PhD 2013: The shifting borders of EU expansion: everyday experiences of removing and replacing boundaries on the Italian-Slovenian border [first supervisor: Sarah Green]
  14. Čarna Brković, awarded PhD 2012: Navigating rules and wills: healthcare and social protection in a Bosnian border town [second supervisor: Sarah Green]
  15. Marina Simić, awarded PhD 2009: 'Exit to Europe': state, travel, popular music and 'normal life' in a Serbian town [first supervisor: Sarah Green]
  16. Ainhoa Montoya, awarded PhD 2011: Democracy and its shadows: violence and statecraft in post-war El Salvador [first supervisor: John Gledhill]
  17. Lisa Riedner, 2008 - transferred 2011: (Un)documented migrant workers, precarity and labour/mobility regimes in Germany [first supervisor: Nina Glick-Schiller]
  18. Alice Bryer, awarded PhD 2009: Politics of value-creation: struggles for self-determination and social responsibility in the empresas recuperadas (Argentina) [first supervisor: John Gledhill]
  19. Aliaa Remtilla, awarded PhD 2012: Re‐producing social relations: political and economic change and Islam in post‐Soviet Tajik Ishkashim [first supervisor: Soumhya Venkatesan]
  20. Hannah Lewis, awarded PhD 2008: Interrogating community: dispersed refugees in Leeds [first supervisor: Gary Craig]
  21. Julia Holdsworth, awarded PhD 2005: Post-Soviet uncertainties: chaos and coping in Donetsk, Ukraine [first supervisor: Andrew Dawson]