Selected Publications

We describe the relationship between shift work and positive COVID-19 status in the UK Biobank. We show that, shift work is associated with a higher likelihood of in-hospital COVID-19 positivity.
Thorax (awaiting publication),2021

We describe the relationship between shift work and prevalent asthma in the UK Biobank. We show that, compared to day workers, permanent night shift workers have a higher likelihood of having moderate-severe asthma.
Thorax 76(1),2021

Contains methods for univariate changepoint detection. Introduces the FPOP and SNIP methods, both of which are optimal and computationally fast.
Statistics and Computing, 27(2), 519-533,2017

Recent Publications

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  • Shift Work is Associated with Positive COVID-19 Status in Hospitalised Patients Robert Maidstone, Simon G. Anderson, David W. Ray, Martin K. Rutter, Hannah J. Durrington and John F. Blaikley - Thorax (awaiting publication), 2021.

  • Circadian Control of Hepatitis B Virus Replication Xiaodong Zhuang, Donall Forde, Senko Tsukuda, Valentina D’Arienzo, Laurent Mailly, James M Harris, Peter AC Wing, Helene Borrmann, Mirjam Schilling, Andrea Magri, Claudia Orbegozo Rubio, Robert J Maidstone, Mudassar Iqbal, Miguel Garzon, Rosalba Minisini, Mario Pirisi, Sam Butterworth, Peter Balfe, David W Ray, Koichi Watashi, Thomas F Baumert and Jane A McKeating - Nature Communications. 12(1), 2021.

  • Night Shift Work is Associated with an Increased Risk of Asthma Robert J. Maidstone, James Turner, Celine Vetter, Hassan S. Dashti, Richa Saxena, Frank A.J.L. Sheer, Steven A. Shea, Simon D. Kyle, Deborah A. Lawlor, Andrew S.I. Loudon, John F. Blaikley, Martin K. Rutter, David W. Ray and Hannah J. Durrington - Thorax 76(1), 2021.

  • Circadian Asthma Airway Responses are Gated by REV-ERBα Hannah J. Durrington, Karolina Krakowiak, Peter Meijer, Nicola Begley, Robert Maidstone, Laurence Goosey, Julie E. Gibbs, John F. Blaikley, Lisa G. Gregory, Clare M. Lloyd, Andrew S. I. Loudon and David W. Ray - European Respiratory Journal 56(6), 2020.

  • Circadian Rhythmicity of Sphingolipids in Allergic Asthma Ran Wang, Robert Maidstone, David Ray, Anna Nicolaou, Alexandra Kendall and Hannah Durrington - European Respiratory Journal 56(64), 2020.


  • Asthma_ShiftWork_UKB Robert Maidstone - R code to perform the data analysis from Maidstone et al. (2020). Investigates the link between shift work and asthma in the UKBiobank. Data for this analysis can be obtained from the UKBiobank.

  • CPOP Robert Maidstone, Paul Fearnhead and Adam Letchford - R code implementing the CPOP algorithm from Maidstone, Fearnhead and Letchford (2017). Includes code used for the simulation study/comparison with NOT and Trend-Filtering.

  • FPOP Guillem Rigaill, Toby Hocking, Robert Maidstone and Paul Fearnhead - R-forge repository containing R code for running FPOP (called opfp on R-forge) from Maidstone et al. (2017), and also for reproducing plots from the paper.