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We describe the relationship between shift work and prevalent asthma in the UK Biobank. We show that, compared to day workers, permanent night shift workers have a higher likelihood of having moderate-severe asthma.

Volatile chemicals and fractional exhaled nitric oxide exhaled while breathing show circadian rhythm in healthy individuals and those with asthma, highlighting the importance of time of day in diagnostic sampling and suggesting potential for chronotyping.
European Respiratory Journal (in press),2019

Contains methods for univariate changepoint detection. Introduces the FPOP and SNIP methods, both of which are optimal and computationally fast.
Statistics and Computing, 27(2), 519-533,2017

Recent Publications

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  • Night Shift Work Increases the Risk of Asthma Robert J. Maidstone, James Turner, Celine Vetter, Hassan S. Dashti, Richa Saxena, Frank A.J.L. Sheer, Steven A. Shea, Simon D. Kyle, Deborah A. Lawlor, Andrew S.I. Loudon, John F. Blaikley, Martin K. Rutter, David W. Ray and Hannah J. Durrington - medRxiv (preprint), 2020.

  • Cardiac Mitochondrial Function Depends on BUD23 Mediated Ribosome Programming Matthew Baxter, Maria Voronkov, Toryn Poolman, Gina Galli, Christian Pinali, Laurence Goosey, Abigail Knight, Karolina Krakowiak, Robert Maidstone, Mudassar Iqbal, Min Zi, Sukhpal Prehar, Elizabeth J Cartwright, Julie Gibbs, Laura C Matthews, Antony D Adamson, Neil E Humphreys, Pedro Rebelo-Guiomar, Michal Minczuk, David A Bechtold, Andrew Loudon and David Ray - eLife (in press), 2020.

  • The Clock Gene Bmal1 Inhibits Macrophage Motility, Phagocytosis, and Impairs Defence Against Pneumonia Gareth B Kitchen, Peter S Cunningham, Toryn M Poolman, Mudassar Iqbal, Robert Maidstone, Matthew Baxter, James Bagnall, Nicola Begley, Ben Saer, Tracy Hussell, Laura C Matthews, David H Dockrell, Hannah J Durrington, Julie E Gibbs, John F Blaikley, Andrew S Loudon and David W Ray- Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (in press), 2020.

  • Circadian Rhythm of Exhaled Biomarkers in Health and Asthma Maxim Wilkinson, Robert Maidstone, Andrew Loudon, John Blaikley, Iain R White, Dave Singh, David W. Ray, Royston Goodacre, Stephen J. Fowler and Hannah J. Durrington - European Respiratory Journal (in press), 2019.

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis Reprograms Circadian Output Pathways Toryn M Poolman, Julie Gibbs, Amy L Walker, Suzanna Dickson, Laura Farrell, James Hensman, Alexandra C Kendall, Robert Maidstone, Stacey Warwood, Andrew Loudon, Magnus Rattray, Ian N Bruce, Anna Nicolaou and David W Ray - Arthritis Research and Therapy, 21(47), 2019.


  • Asthma_ShiftWork_UKB Robert Maidstone - R code to perform the data analysis from Maidstone et al. (2020). Investigates the link between shift work and asthma in the UKBiobank. Data for this analysis can be obtained from the UKBiobank.

  • CPOP Robert Maidstone, Paul Fearnhead and Adam Letchford - R code implementing the CPOP algorithm from Maidstone, Fearnhead and Letchford (2017). Includes code used for the simulation study/comparison with NOT and Trend-Filtering.

  • FPOP Guillem Rigaill, Toby Hocking, Robert Maidstone and Paul Fearnhead - R-forge repository containing R code for running FPOP (called opfp on R-forge) from Maidstone et al. (2017), and also for reproducing plots from the paper.