Professor Peter Wade

PhD Supervision

I am interested in supervising students in areas relating to:

I have supervised, or am supervising,the following students:

M. Kneafsey, 1993-1997, Tourism as a tool for economic development: a cross-cultural comparison (Brittany and Western Ireland). Full-time, ESRC-funded.

K. Tyler, 1996-2000, White racialised discourse in rural Leicestershire. Full-time, ESRC-funded.

C. Grasseni, 1996-2001, Developing vision, developing skill: locality and identity in rural northern Italy. Full-time, ESRC (fees-only) and University of Manchester funded. Co-supervised with Dr. M. Bravo and Dr. A. Grimshaw.

J. Hernon, 1998-2002, Black intellectuals and black gods: towards an understanding of modern black affirmationism. Full-time, ESRC-funded.

E. Walmsley, 2000-2004, Ethnic identity and race mixture among Afro-Ecuadorians. Full-time, ESRC-funded.

C. Cubero, 2000-2006, Mobility and insularity in the Caribbean: island identities Of Culebra. Full-time, self-funded. Co-supervised with Prof. Paul Henley

P. Strauss, 2001-2007, New media, new ethnicities, Newham: netculture and the politics of ethnic identity in an East London borough. Full-time, funded by Volkswagen Foundation. Co-supervised with Prof. Penny Harvey.

Alexandrine Boudreault-Fournier, 2004-2008, On the beat: Composing with cultural policies and music in Cuba. Full-time, funded by Canadian government.

Joceny De Deus Pinheiro, 2004-2009, Indigenous leadership and the politics of identity in contemporary Brazilian Northeast. Full-time, self-funded.

Doreen Gordon, 2004-2009, Blackness and social mobility in Bahia, Brazil. Full-time, self-funded. Co-supervised with Prof. John Gledhill.

Andre Cicalo, 2005-2010, Affirmative action policies and the development of black identities in Brazil. Full-time, funded by ESRC and University of Manchester. Co-supervised with Angela Torresan.

Pablo Jaramillo, 2006-2010, Subjects of Reparation: victimhood, gender and indigenous identifications in La Guajira, Colombia. Full-time, funded by AlBan and Colfuturo.

Miguel del Pozo, 2006-2011, Who owns the fish? Puerto Rico's management policies in a contested environmental resource. Full-time, self-funded.

Tamara Hale, 2008 (LSE, in progress), Black criollos and mixed families: a study of kinship practices, sociality and inequality in an Afro-descendent and mestizo town in Northern Peru. Full-time, ESRC-funded.

Luciana Lang, 2010 (in progress), “Once there were fishermen”: nostalgia, environmentalism and negotiated landscapes in Colony Z-10.

Alejandra Isaza Velásquez, 2010 (in progress), Music and politics in 19th-century Colombia. (Co-supervised with Patience Schell.)

Sofia González, 2011 (in progress), Black, Afro-Colombian, Maroon and Islander communities in the National Museum of Colombia: An approach from Visual and Reflexive Anthropology. (Co-supervised with Rupert Cox.)

María Lourdes Salazar, 2011 (in progress), From seasonal farm workers program to permanent ethnic inequalities: a comparative analysis between Mexico and Peru. (Co-supervised with Nina Glick-Schiller.)

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