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Address: School of Mathematics
Alan Turing Building
University of Manchester
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Manchester M13 9PL
Room Number: 2.236 Alan Turing Building
Telephone: +44 (0)161 306 8972
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Current activity
  • 2003-2008: Head of School in the newly combined School of Mathematics at the University of Manchester.
  • 2011-2014: Vice-President of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications.
  • 2014: Prof Invite at the INLN (Institut Nonlineaire de Nice).
  • 2016: Simons Visiting Researcher, CRM, Barcelona (Advances in Nonsmooth Dynamics programme).
  • 2016-2021 : Scientific Director of ICMS in Edinburgh.
  • 2021: Elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Edniburgh.
  • 2022-2023: President of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications
  • 2024: Beyer Professor of Applied Mathematics, University of Manchester.
  • I am a Professor of Applied Mathematics, having previously held chairs in UMIST and Queen Mary, University of London. The photo is from my talk at the Royal Institution in 2014.

    Recently I have been on Council of the IMA, Nominating Committee of LMS, Royal Society Research Grants Scheme Physical Sciences Board.

    If you are thinking of doing a Ph.D. with me then you should get an application form from our Postgraduate pages. It is also a good idea to email me so that we can talk about what you might do.

    You can find more details of the people I work with and my academic career. Some of my papers (and a list of other papers) are also available. I also have some personal links. Recent papers can be downloaded from the departments eprint server.

    Research Interests

    The Mandelbrot SetThis picture shows the Mandelbrot set for the complex quadratic map. It has almost nothing to do with my research (except insofar as it is a representation of the parameter space of a low dimensional map) but you have to admit that it is pretty. I stole this image from Robert Devaney's Fractal Site.

    Some past and present PhD students of mine are :


    A bit more about me

    If you would like to contact me for any reason then my email address is The views and opinions expressed in this page are mine alone and the contents have not been approved or censored by the University of Manchester. This page has been constructed with help from the source code supplied by James Shepherd to all members of staff in the Maths Department at Imperial College. I actually stole it from John Elgin's home page.
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