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The DOSY Toolbox
processing PFG-NMR diffusion data


The importance of High Resolution PFG-NMR data for mixture analysis is steadily increasing but there is no single way to process such data.


While there are a number of available methods, the commonest method is known as DOSY (diffusion-ordered spectroscopy), and therefore it has become practice to refer to these data as DOSY data.


The major manufactures offers different implementations of DOSY processing (with a limited selection) in their software.



The DOSY Toolbox is a completely free programme that aims to incorporate many of the important processing schemes.


The DOSY Toolbox has a graphical user interface to make it easy to access a variety of different processing schemes (and a command mode for more advanced options).


It is written in MATLAB, but can also be obtained as free standing compiled version that does not require a MATLAB installation. The MATLAB version runs on any platform, and the compiled version is presently available for Windows, Linux, and Mac (please contact me if your version is not downloadabe below).

Basic features include
Import of Varian, Bruker and Jeol data.
Phasing, apodisation, baseline correction and referencing.

Reference deconvolution.


Diffusion-Resolved data processing includes
DOSY (mono- and multiexponential)
Correction for non-uniform field gradients


The DOSY Toolbox is released as freeware under the GNU GPL license.

The programme can be downloaded from the DOSY Toolbox wiki

The most current documentation can be found in the DOSY Toolbox wiki

The DOSY Toolbox has also been described in this publication:

M. Nilsson, et al., The DOSY Toolbox: A new tool for processing PFG NMR diffusion data
Journal of Magnetic Resonance 2009, 200, 296-302.