BMVA/EPSRC Computer Vision Summer School 2012


The handouts are intended as a record of the material delivered in the Summer School. They provide a colour version of the paper handouts that were available during the event. They should only be used for individual study purposes. Images used in the lectures may have originated from a number of sources. While we believe that none of the images are restricted in terms of copyright, neither the BMVA nor the University of Manchester can guarantee this. If you make use of any of this material for any other purpose, you do so at your own risk.

  • Summer school handouts days 1-3 lectures: Download (Zip 17.1 MB)
  • Summer school handouts days 4-5 lectures: Download (Zip 33.5 MB)


These files contain photographs of all the posters, kindly supplied by Alex Zawadski, taken on his phone. While imperfect in terms of lighting etc., they provide a useful record of the poster sessions.

  • Summer school posters 1-14: Download (Zip 28.5 MB)
  • Summer school posters 15-29: Download (Zip 32.3 MB)
  • Summer school posters 30-43: Download (Zip 28.8 MB)

You can access the handouts and poster photographs using a password that we have sent to participants in the Summer School.
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