Dr Jay Taylor
Neumann Fellow

Math 415B - Intro to Abstract Algebra (Spring 19)

Undergraduate Course
University of Arizona
linear algebra, proof writing
16 weeks (3 lectures per week lasting 50 minutes each)
Mon/Tue/Wed at 11:00am in Psych 206

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Office Hours

The following office hours will be in effect from Wednesday January 16th until Wednesday May 1st. There will be no office hours on public holidays.

The TA for this course is Angela Kraft. She will also hold weekly office hours at the following time and location.

If you need to see me outwith these office hours then please make an appointment by email.


We will be using "Contemporary Abstract Algebra" (9th Edition) by Joseph A. Gallian. As an additional source you can feel free to consult Parts II and IV of "Abstract Algebra" by David S. Dummit and Richard M. Foote.


We aim to cover Parts 3 and 4 of the text, or Chapters 12 through 23, concerning rings and fields. If time permits we will cover the material in Chapters 32 and 33 on Galois Theory and Cyclotomic Extensions.