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Using Vim with Express

or How to Supercharge Your V-Code Productivity

I'm an occassional vim user (there I've already annoyed a lot of people) and since I bang away at v-code directly I've written a syntax mode for vim to help with editing and compiling Express' v-code description language. On many Linux systems vi is an alias to for vim but may run in a more like the original vi.

This is a syntax mode that provides highlighting of v-code. This will prettify your v-code. At the moment there is no indenting or additional functionality like the more sophisticated EMACS v-code-mode.


v0.1 v.vim - right click and safe this link


  1. Save the v.vim file to ~/.vim/syntax/
  2. Edit ~/.vim/filetype.vim to read
    augroup filetypedetect
    au BufNewFile,BufRead *.v       setf v
    augroup END
    or at least add the middle line.

NOTE: depending on your config the highlighting may not work if vim is called using the vi alias or you really are using vi and not vim.


v0.1 Initial public release. Basic syntax highlighting