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James' AVS/Express Pearls

or How to Get AVS/Express to do What You Want

These pages relate to AVS's Express Visualization Application. Though mainly aimed at developers of modules/macros/applications there should be something of interest for users and the occasional V-Code hacker.

Developing with AVS/Express

Using Emacs with Express - major modes and much more 19 Dec 2005
Using Vim with Express - syntax hightlighting 14 Jan 2008
User Interface Building - thou shalt be re-sizable 19 Sept 2004

Pearls of Wisdom

Hints'n'Tips - quick solutions to common problems and neat tricks 19 Dec 2005
More C/C++! - useful additional OM function calls etc. 15 Aug 2004
More V! - undocumented V functions, attributes etc. 19 Sept 2004
OMX in Full - complete description of OMXobj C++ class member functions 15 Aug 2004

Other Resources

The International AVS Centre (IAC)
AVS Forum
Mario Valle, whose Express Performance Optimizations is well worth reading, maintains a long list of AVS/Express related links.

The opinions expressed in these pages are my own and not that of my employer or associates. Further I do not guarantee that any of this information is accurate or even useful.