Coling 2008

Manchester, 18-22 August, 2008

The 22nd International Conference on Computational Linguistics
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Guidelines for Formatting and Submitting Final Papers

This page provides links to style information and templates for Coling 2008 regular, poster and demo papers. All final camera-ready copy must conform to the format described here, and templates are provided to make this easy to achieve.

A dedicated website, the Coling 2008 Publication website, is now available to support the preparation of final papers (and all other aspects of proceedings preparation for Coling 2008), including FAQ's etc. is now available. Alternatively, any questions regarding formatting and use of these style guidelines, or any other aspect of Coling 2008 publication, may be addressed directly to the Publications Chair, Roger Evans

These guidelines may also be used for other kinds of papers (eg workshop papers). Authors should consult the relevant call for papers web pages for any specific requirements.


Poster boards will accommodate posters up to A0 size (portrait orientation). Drawing pins will be available. If presenters wish to use other means (eg velcro strips) to attach their posters, they should provide them themselves.

Formatting Guidelines

Authors are strongly recommended to use the style files provided here. All manuscripts should look like this sample PDF file, which also contains the detailed formatting specification.

It is very important to specify A4 format paper, and not to include page numbers.

For additional guidance, see the Coling 2008 Publication website.

Format specification/example paper

LaTeX style files

Microsoft Word template

All in one


Submission of final camera-ready copy is available from 6th June 2008 via the START webpage.


There is no copyright transfer process when you submit the final version of your accepted paper. You are required to include a copyright statement on the first page of your paper, licensing your paper for use in the conference proceedings. If you are using the standard style files, a Creative Commons licence statement will be included unless you explicitly change it to something else.

It is your responsibility to ensure that any co-authors (and if applicable, your and their employers) agree to the terms of the licence used, before submitting the paper - the act of submission will be taken as agreement to license the content of the paper.

Papers without an acceptable copyright statement cannot be included in the proceedings.