Shape and Texture Modeling of Hip Bone Density for Fracture Discrimination

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Adaptable landmark localisation: applying model transfer learning to a shape model matching system

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Automated Image Interpretation Using Statistical Shape Models

C. Lindner.
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Automatic Annotation of Radiographs using Random Forest Regression Voting for Building Statistical Models for Skeletal Maturity

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Prediction of risk for radiographic hip osteoarthritis in subjects with early osteoarthritis of hip or knee

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New software to automatically outline bones in OPG

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Fully Automatic System for Accurate Localisation and Analysis of Cephalometric Landmarks in Lateral Cephalograms

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Multi-point Regression Voting for Shape Model Matching

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Fully automated radiographic knee shape analysis of the OAI dataset: Is knee shape asymmetry an early indicator of unilateral knee OA?

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A benchmark for comparison of dental radiography analysis algorithms

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BoneFinder: Automated Bone Shape and Appearance Analysis in 2D Radiographs

C. Lindner.
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Learning-based Shape Model Matching: Training Accurate Models with Minimal Manual Input

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Fully Automatic Cephalometric Evaluation using Random Forest Regression-Voting

C. Lindner and T.F. Cootes.
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