I am a Sir Henry Dale Fellow and Senior Research Fellow at the University of Manchester who is passionate about making a difference to people’s lives.

My research interests are in the automated analysis of medical images to study, diagnose and manage musculoskeletal disorders. I use methods from computer vision, machine learning and data science to develop accurate systems for outlining and analysing structures in widely used medical images such as radiographs.

My multidisciplinary fellowship project aims to develop a software tool to automatically analyse radiographic image information, clinical and patient-reported data to improve the management and outcome of knee replacement surgery, and to develop general guidance and strategies on how to bring such a tool into the clinic.

The overall goal of my research is to transform clinically collected image data into useful medical information to benefit healthcare at individual and societal levels.

In my role as the Translation Lead for the Christabel Pankhurst Institute I focus on making research translation an integral part of health technology research, aiming to facilitate and improve the translation of research findings into benefits for society.

Division of Informatics, Imaging & Data Sciences

Stopford Building, Room G526a

The University of Manchester

Manchester, M13 9PT



+44(0)161 275 5140