Alice Thompson

Alice Thompson
I am a Senior Lecturer in Applied Mathematics at the University of Manchester. My main research interests are in fluid dynamics, in particular flows with strong surface-tension or free boundary effects:
  • Bubble and drop dynamics at low Reynolds number
  • Bifurcations of bubbles and drops, and how they are affected by patterning
  • Bubbles and drops in Hele-Shaw cells
  • Coalescence and pinchoff
  • Reduced-dimensional models
  • Feedback control of thin films
  • Industrial mathematics and mathematical modelling
  • Spreading dynamics and post-deposition behaviour in inkjet printing
I did my PhD at the University of Nottingham, working with Prof. John Billingham. My postdoctoral research was at the University of Manchester (2011-2014), supervised by Prof. Anne Juel and Prof. Andrew Hazel, and at Imperial College London (2014-2016) working with Prof. Demetrios Papageorgiou.
Funding (Updated April 2020: Recruiting PhD student now, and PDRA soon)
I have recently been awarded an EPSRC New Investigator Award on Feedback Control of Deformable Bubbles. Via a combination of EPSRC funding and support from the University of Manchester, this project will eventually include a PhD student, and a PDRA.
I am now recruiting for the PhD student to work on experiments centred around control and bubbles, with more details available here. The PhD student will be hosted within the Manchester Centre for Nonlinear Dynamics, and co-supervised by Anne Juel. Full funding is available for suitably qualified home/UK students.
I will also be recruiting for a PDRA to work on theoretical and applied mathematics aspects of the project, for a 2 year position likely starting in October 2020. Please email me if have any questions about either position.
I was a co-investigator (with P-I Anne Juel and Co-I Andrew Hazel) on the EPSRC grant Transition to disordered front propagation. This project has allowed me to work with three excellent PDRAs over the course of the project: Jack Keeler, Antoine Gaillard and Gregoire Lemoult.
PhD projects
I have one PhD student, Jake Harris, at the moment. Jake is working on 3D calculations and depth-averaged modelling for bubbles in confined geometry, and is co-supervised with Andrew Hazel.
I am currently advertising for a PhD student to work on the experiment-focussed project Control-Based Exploration of Disordered Systems (this project has dedicated funding for UK students). Please contact me if you are interested in applying for this position.
Contact details
My current email address is I have also listed as contact details on previous publications.
Since 2016/17, I have taught the co-lectured courses MATH64062 and MAGIC058 (PDEs: Theory and Practice) for MSc applied mathematics students at Manchester, and for PhD students in the MAGIC network respectively. I will be reprising this course in 2019/20.
From 2018/19, I have been teaching the second half of the second-year MATH20401 (PDEs and Vector Calculus A).
In 2015/16, I taught the second half of MATH10232 (Calculus and Applications B).
I am co-organiser (with Dr Chris Johnson) of the Physical Applied Mathematics seminar series in Manchester.